Friday, September 7, 2012

Product Review: Majolica Majorca Lash King in Brown

Months ago, one of my favorite makeup brands, Majolica Majorca launched Psychedelicious.  Two of the products there that really got me excited in that collection are the Brow and Lash colorist (see my review here) and Lash King in Brown.  

One of my favorite mascaras has got to be this brand's Lash King in Black (which I reviewed here), because it never fails to give me that vava-voom lashes that would pass up as falsies (just like what Benefit They're Real gives). So when news came out that Majolica will be releasing Lash King in Brown, I just knew I had to have it. 

Our friends from Majolica Majorca must have heard my plea, and sent this to me:

as usual, eye-catching packaging that gives out a very "royalty" vibe

see that crown on the label?  this is because Lash King is really the brand's KING of all mascaras!

just like their Lash King in Black, this baby has 5mm of fibers that really helps give you lush, lengthy lashes.  but be sure to be careful when you start wiggling the wand on your lashes, you don't want these fibers to go in your eyes, do you!?


bare, curled lashes

lashes with two coats of Lash King 

my lashes look natural, but volumized..and yes, lengthy!

soft, natural look

what I like:
It's volumizing and lengthening
Easy to apply
Holds curl
Smudge-proof, waterproof and transfer-proof
Lashes are still soft to the touch
It lasts until 5-6 months.  Yeah, I know that I should throw it away after 3months.  But it still works fine, eh!

what I don't like:
Lashes don't look as pronounced as when I'm using the one in Black most especially when I'm wearing darker shades of eye shadows.  This also happens when I'm wearing a thick eyeliner.  In these photos, I opted to use Brown liner (K-palette)  and yet, my lashes aren't that noticeable.  But I am pretty sure my lashes would show up if I don't line my eyes as thick as I usually do. You know me, I want my eyes to really pop!
Dries up easily so make sure to work fast if you want another layer
Expensive for Php795, but worth it if you're into false lashes-effect.  
Hard to remove, so be ready with a good makeup remover.  I sometimes use Ponds cold cream, and it does the job!

Will I buy again?
Well, technically it will be my first time to buy one because this one's a gift (laughs).  But yes, I will!  This is good on those days when I would like to look more natural (hmm, exactly when does that happen by the way!? hahaha).  But I think if made to choose between this and the one in Black, I'll go for Black!

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ValerieDeoferio said...

I was also thinking of buying this as well, but the color put me a little off, since it's brown and will make my eye lashes a little more undefined as against using a black one, but anyway, great review love! ♥

Unknown said...

Lovely it looks very natural.,
Love ur brows as always
-love faidzmagz

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