Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Product Review: Revlon Photoready Eye Primer + Brightener

I'm a big fan of highlighters, but in my case I use it only on the undereye area.  It's a must-have for me and I also use it on my clients.  I apply it right after I'm done with the eye shadow application, before I do the contouring and other finishing touches.  

I've tried several highlighters already: YSL and The Body Shop's (which I reviewed here) to name a few.  I've also used that of Revlon's, the Age Defying Spa concealer which have been my HG for quite a time.  So when I got this Primer + Highlighter from Revlon, a few months back, I'm just happy because it"s like hitting two birds in one stone.

Revlon Photoready Eye Primer + Highlighter

 "Smoothes, perfects and brightens eye area by reducing the appearance of fine lines and crease on lids…use anytime, anywhere on face as a brightening 'pick me up'!"

Like the other highlighters I've used, this comes in a click-style pen: twist the bottom and the liquid comes out of the brush tip.  


It comes in a single shade - peachy pink and at first look you'd think it wouldn't work for those with dark skins.  As highlighter, it won't. But as a corrector, it would.  Just top it off with the person's shade of powder and it will nicely correct any pigmentation under the eye.  

Unlike the other Photoready stuff, I don't see glitter on it. If it does have, they might be super tiny to be seen by the naked eye.

after blending

As a primer, it does help in bringing out the vibrancy of the eye shadow:

Left: With Revlon Primer + Highlighter
Right: Without

Let's check how it fares when used as an eye primer:

bare lids

apply it using the brush and blend it using your ring finger


It evens out the skin tone on my lid, and provides a smooth slate for my eye shadow

With eye shadow on:

I love how it makes blending a lot easier.  I've tried other primers before and blending it in can be such a pain, leaving my lids looking chalky and uneven.  This one really makes the lid looking soft and bright, just top it with powder and you can leave it just like that if you prefer. 

It does its job of keeping my eye shadow stay put the entire day. There's a tiny bit of creasing, but nothing that a good smudging using your ring finger won't be able to fix. And I'm still thinking that my uber-rich eye cream is sometimes the culprit.  

Now as a highlighter:

With the previous photo as reference, you'll see that I have dark undereyes.  Well, that's the result of getting only a max of 4-5hrs of sleep on most days!  So yeah, don't be like me!

Brush it on the undereye area and again, using your ring finger, blend it in using gentle tapping motions

the result:

see how it brightens and lightens the area?

As with all liquid, you need to set it so I top it off with loose translucent powder.

I've read some reviews that it doesn't help on the brightening side.  And that when they try to blend it, it sort of disappears.  I've experienced that on my first few tries, most especially when I tried blending it with a sponge.  What I did was to wait for a few seconds after brushing it on, and then using my ring finger, I blend it in using tapping motions.  Again, tap..don't swipe. It works for me, might work for you too!

For a roundup:

What I like:
 As with other Revlon Photoready products, the black packaging is really nice.   Unlike that of the Age Defying concealer, the markings on this one don't fade.
The applicator brush.  And this also dispenses just the right amount of product each time you twist
It's a good eye primer, actually it's a great one!  I love how it smoothens and evens out my lids.
It works as a highlighter and a corrector
Priced at Php700++ (more or less, I forgot how much) it's pretty much affordable.  And you get two products at a price of one, a good deal na.
It doesn't settle on fine lines
No allergic reactions. 
You only need a small amount to work with.  So yeah, the above photos where I have the swatches are definitions of "too much" LOL.
I can use it pretty much on anybody.  Well, not as a highlighter though.  But as a corrector.

What I don't like:
Hmm, nothing.

Will I repurchase?
The first one I got as a gift, I've already bought two more.  One for my clients and another one for me.  

If I am to choose between this and the Revlon Age Defying Spa concealer, I would have to say I'll go for the latter. Just because it has anti-aging properties.  It works as a highlighter and corrector too, but I haven't tried using it as a primer.  But why choose when you can have both.  Ahh, let's not complicate things, shall we!?

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Kitten said...

interesting product and i love this eye makeup. thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

pretty mo dito sis! :D i like the way you do your eyeliner. di ko keri yan! hehehe. thanks for the review. i didn't know na my primer pala ang revlon o.o

❤ misskatv.com

Unknown said...

thanks Kitten and MissKatV :) this product is really nice. i reach out for this more often than my UDPP :)

ValerieDeoferio said...

looks really promising! ^^ thanks for the review! ♥

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