Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Product Review: Yves Rocher Second Skin Effect Foundation

And because one can never have enough foundations (most especially if you are a makeup artist), here's another review of a foundation that's becoming a favorite these past few weeks...

Yves Rocher Second Skin Effect Foundation

Enhanced, naturally-unified skin with moisturizing cotton milk
Light, airy, fluid texture, that adapts perfectly to the complexion.Light, imperceptible coverage which evens out skin texture for a fine, transparent sheen with a real skin perfecting effect. An ultra-natural, luminous finish, an enhanced bare skin effect.
Second skin effect foundation has all the natural benefits of extracts of cotton, apricot oil and rose water.

it comes in an easy-to-squeeze plastic tube.  this way, it's hygienic and you get to control the amount you want to wastage!  No danger of breaking the bottle too! (Most especially for clumsy people like me, LOL!)

I got the Rose 200. There are 8 available shades according to Yves Rocher website.  I'm just not sure how many are available locally.

It appears lighter on my skin at first but once it settles, it really blends in like second skin!

blended in

On my face:

moisturized and primed face (I used Yves Rocher Perfect Primer)

A layer of the foundation

See how it covered most of my red spots?


I applied another layer and I also used it to conceal my under eye area and sides of my nose

As you can see, it doesn't look cakey despite having 2 layers on.  My face also has a bit of glow, though the Perfect Primer gives out that effect too.

with the rest of my makeup on

I set it with a light dusting of Fanny Serrano powder foundation in Mocha, which is another good product!  I'll review that soon. 

What I like:
The packaging.  I love that it comes with an easy squeeze tube, so I can control the amount and I won't end up with a broken bottle of foundation.
A little goes a long way.  
It feels light, definitely feels and looks like second skin.  Just make sure you blend it well!
Despite the liquid-y consistency, it provides medium to heavy coverage.  It covers the redness and depending on the number of layers you apply, it can also cover blemishes.
Not cakey
It gives out a pretty glow
I've been using it for weeks and I didn't get any allergic reactions
Fairly priced at Php900++ (I'm not sure how much, I got it as part of the goodies given by our friends from Yves Rocher)
It has a subtle scent that I love, but if you're the type who hates scented stuff, this isn't for you

What I don't like:
It doesn't have SPF.
My face gets oily after 3hrs, but nothing that some good oil blotting sheet won't be able to fix. It would also help to use a good primer.  I use Revlon's Photoready primer and it helps make the foundation stay longer.

Will I buy again?
No...just because I still have a lot of foundations to use.  And I bet this one's gonna last me months.

Okay, here's an attempt to smile without showing my teeth.
Major fail, I know.

Aside from skincare, Yves Rocher has a lot of promising makeup stuff.  I want to try their blushes and eyeshadows too, soon!  And of course, their other foundations. I wish they would open a branch near me, though.  

Have you tried any of their products? Let me know what other stuff you recommend.  Let's exchange notes, shall we?

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kumiko mae said...

Really nice coverage! Your pimples were gone by the end of your fotd

Unknown said...

It looks really good on you! :) I would love to try this out.

Anonymous said...

I'll probably purchase this product and I hope it'll work well on me if i do.

I love your eye makeup! Would love to see a tutorial on it!

Take care doll!



Iambrigitte said...

yes kumiko, the coverage is really amazing. this is one good buy,IMHO!

mapleapple, if there's an Yves Rocher branch near you, try to check it out. They have a loooot of interesting stuff!

thanks iya! Been wanting to make a video tutorial for a looong time but I havent gotten into doing it. :( hopefully soon!

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