Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shu Uemura's Tsuya Skin Care launch...

I can honestly say that my first day of September has been a blast!

First, I had a (late) lunch date with my good friend, Sophie, at Yabu.  It was a lunch date that is looong overdue.  It was her first time and my, hmm..nevermind (LOL)...so we were both excited.  I think we got too excited that someone had the miso soup all over! Hahaha, I'm not gonna tell who. (laughs)

And then at dinner time, we went to Picasso Residence Boutique for an event for Shu Uemura.

These lovely candle holders were all over our table.  
"Switch On!" it says.  Hmmm.

the great and hardworking people from Shu Uemura
(Thanks Sophie for the photo)

We were first treated to a sumptuous dinner (I was still full, but geesh, who can say NO to delicious food? Definitely not me.)

And then we were ushered to a loft-type unit to begin the launch.  Yes, we haven't started yet!

Skincare lines from Shu Uemura were on display

and their makeup lines too!

Wishing that this is my vanity table at home...

The launch is about the Tsuya skin. 
So what is TSUYA?

TSUYA means "Ideal" in Japanese.  A study came up with 6 key parameters in order for skin to be considered ideal - smoothness, porelessness, translucence, an even tone, a fine texture and good skin color.

As we age, our skin's ability to regenerate is subjected to "power cuts," which causes depletion in the skin structure and cellular disorganization.  That's why we have wrinkles, pigmentation and dull skin.

Shu Uemura's new skincare breakthrough will help "Switch On" our youth power switch with Tsuya Skin Care:

TSUYA SKIN Youthful Radiance Generator Essence

Shu uemura has now unlocked the innermost workings of the skin and harnessed the lastest discoveries in cellular biology to reactivate cell regeneration and reveal a dramatic skincare solution that reaches new heights in achieving beautiful, youthful skin.
having identified that skin has a system to reactivate cell regeneration, ideal skin is now within your reach. experience the miracle of innovative, premium skincare from shu uemura and say goodbye to dull, rough and tired-looking skin. with a golden drop of tsuya skin youthful radiance generator, reactivate your skin’s youth regeneration. love your skin, love yourself more with tsuya skin.

TSUYA Skin UV Under Base Youthful Radiance Mousse 

New anti-aging mousse with SPF 30 helps to improve the skin's appearance and overall condition whilst providing a natural cover which helps to conceal dark spots, blemishes and scars.
Designed for all skin types and tones, the unique mousse formulation delivers hydration and coverage with an aero-light texture.

TSUYA Skin has Rhamnose, that penetrates deeply into the skin to reactivate our youth power switch. It helps to boost cell regeneration to provide significant improvement in all skin layers to achieve the ideal skin.  

ladies eagerly waiting for the Tsuya Skin workshop

We  were taught how to cleanse the skin using Shu Uemura's Ultim8 Sublime Cleansing Oil.  I was surprised to learn that it can be used without water.  Just pump a little amount onto a piece of cotton and apply all over face. Instead of washing your face, you can use Shu Uemura Depsea Water mist to rinse. 

Then we were shown how to use the Tsuya skin youthful radiance generator essence. It is to be applied after toning, and before moisturizer.  You can use this as a serum to improve overall skintone and complexion. If you want to use your other serums, this should be used first because it is said to enhance the efficacy of any other skincare stuff you'll use. Interesting, really!

Angela and me trying out the essence. See how pearlescent it looks? It gets easily absorbed by the skin, and it's amazing how instantly it makes skin radiant and so soft!  How much more if used for 7 days or longer?

The Tsuya Skin UV base is also used prior to makeup application.  Can I just say I am tempted to eat the foam?  It smells so good!  Parang cotton candy, or creme brulee lang! (laughs) The Chocolat-donna eyeshadow palette was used for the makeup demo.  And the model looked so beautiful and simply radiant after!

(sorry for the photo quality, Me forgot my camera...just using my phone's cam. Sniff)

Tsuya Skin promises an ideal skin after 7 days of continuous use.  I haven't used this that long, but as soon as my skin stops peeling, I'll use this again.  I've been using  the UV base on some days and it does really help in making you look radiant.  If only I have clear skin, I bet it's more than enough to look polish for an everyday look.

Tsuya skin youthful radiance generator and UV under base are available at Shu Uemura counters.

Thanks, Shu Uemura Philippines!

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kumiko mae said...

shu has the most extensive skincare lines which can be a bit daunting to follow relentlessly but i have high expectations from japanese skincare so this should most likely be worth a shot :D

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