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Zen Zest re-launch of the Cocktail and Sparkling Sugar collection...

 Who doesn't love fragrances? I honestly won't be able to call my "look" complete without a spritz of my favorite scent.  But sometimes a spritz is not enough, most especially when the scent gives you  that boost of confidence and energized feeling whenever you 
use it. So yeah, I spritz whenever I need that boost, and of course, to keep smelling good! And that means emptying a bottle of perfume in less than a month!  Definitely not good for my wallet...

Good thing there's Zen Zest to the rescue.  We all know that this proudly-Pinoy brand gives us great, good-smelling products at affordable prices.  I've been a fan of their room and linen fragrances, reed diffusers and have been using one of their Eau de Toilettes, Coral for quite a time now. I'm on my 3rd bottle already!

Weeks ago, I was one of the few bloggers who got invited to the re-launching of Zen Zest's Cocktail and Sparkling Sugar collection at The Mango Tree at The Fort. Honestly, it was my first time to try out these scents, for my constant purchase from them has been always their room and linen sprays.  So I first thought these two are new collections.

Zen Zest Cocktail and Sparkling Sugar Collection

The Cocktail collection is said to be Sex and the City-inspired.  I love how the scents are named after famous cocktails.

A delicious combination of lush greens and fruity citrus, this subtly sweet and sublime fragrance lasts all day long.

A fresh, just-got-out-of-the-shower fragrance that is ideal for the outdoorsy casual yet fashion conscious girl. Smells simply clean!

A clean and fresh scent. It has a fruity and amber fragrance typical of classic Spanish colognes.

For ladies who enjoy being on top of their game, the Long Island would be perfect with its mix of berries, wild flowers, vanilla absolute sandalwood and creamy musk.

This foxy scent screams of playful sophistication. The flirty peach freesia mixed with irresistible apple and spicy mimosa triggers an overwhelming temptation.

A beautiful paradox of subtle intensity. Its distinct flowery combination is hard to forget and hints of elegance and sensuality.

A lush floral blend, Mai Tai intoxicates with the feminity of Cherry Blossom, sweetness of peach and freshness of white jasmine. The potent combination will leave men spinning with desire.

Its exotic and exquisite blend of tropical fruits will lend an air of elegance to everything you do. A seductive and flirty fragrance that lasts all day long.

My favorite is Bellini!  I've sprayed some on my hair that night that I ended up sniffing on my hair the entire time.  I can't believe how incredibly good it smells and the scent really stays long. Zen Zest really uses high-grade fragrance oil and despite the affordable price, they make sure they don't skimp on the ingredients of their products.

And of course, there's something for the men...

Its blend of cedar, saffron and amber accents has a penetrating appeal, adding an irresistible charm to the wearer. This sensual scent also contains patchouli, pine and sandalwood.

Its magnetic mix of fresh summer scents, relaxing violet leaves and lavender, wood and sensual patchouli is sure to draw adventure and excitement.

A scent that embodies freshness. The woody fragrance gets better with time. The longer it settles into the skin or clothing, the more head-turning it can be.

For those who wish to exude strength, this potent fragrance would be best, the essence of leather and wood combined with the softness of lemon and berries brings forth an image of mystery that never fails to seduce.

For maximum impact, this scent is recommended. The woody and spicy fragrance of bergamot, cedarwood and musk suggests an adventurous spirit ready for action on a whim. The fresh notes of mandarin and sparkling lemon adds sophistication to its masculine character.

This best selling fragrance boasts of a hard-to-resist blend of fruits that go hand in hand with musky notes. A cool and refreshing scent ideal for driven men who always want to be on top of their game.

This invigorating scent is the number one choice when heading for the gym or doing some time on the court. Its aquatic quality preserves the clean shower smell and lets you get through the day like you did not break a sweat.


Inspired by delicious sweets and fruity aromas, this collection will surely make your mouth watering.

Has a playful. Fluffy fragrance reminiscent of youthful innocence.

A fruity recipe of raspberry raspberry and blueberry with traces of creamy vanilla.

One whiff instantly reveals the combined fragrance of slightly tart cherries, calming vanilla and saccharine honey. The luxurious combination fills the air with sugar, spice and everything nice.

The allure of this scent is difficult to forget. The delicious scent of fresh vanilla beans and velvety goodness of milk with light honey understoneds 

One splash is never enough. The sharp scent of green key lime and the comforting warmth of milk lingers on the skin, soothes and soul and makes you want to ask more.

Light and refreshing, this fresh mist is a great revitalize. It keeps temperature low but spirits forever high. Reminiscent of fresh and ice cold watermelons.

My favorite is gotta be Vanilla Icecream...definitely makes me crave for the real thing! The best part about the collection? They are very affordable for the price of less than Php200 (Php180 or less, if I'm not mistaken) for a 120ml bottle.

Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity was the pretty and gracious host for the night

And of course, the very inspiring Michelle Fontelera, owner of Zen Zest. She started the business when she got her heart broken at 23 and started with just a small kiosk at Megamall.  And now, they have hundreds of kiosks already!  Instead of partying and resorting to some other things when she got brokenhearted, she decided to focus on something worthy of her time that eventually turned out to be big as Zen Zest now.

trying out some scents from the collections

Can I just say that the food at The Mango Tree is sooo good!?  Their Pad Thai has got to be the best that I've tried.  I'm not really a fan of pad thai but theirs is just so good that I had a second serving.

You gotta try out the shrimp ball too!  I think I had 3...okay, 4.  
Oh alright...5!

this cupcake's so good too! 

More pics at the event:

With the very inspiring Michelle

 Shen and Michelle

the ever-bungisngis Kira

with Shen, Sophie and Martha

Have you tried any of the scents from these collections?  If you haven't, you better do.  They are affordable, and of good quality. Definitely giving you the best value for your money.  They can be good Christmas gifts too!

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