Friday, October 26, 2012

Droplets of Nature Dishwashing Liquid: Tough on grease, but not on your hands...

If there's one household chore I love doing, it would be washing the dishes.   Weird, but I find it therapeutic and relaxing especially when I'm bothered or when I need to decide about something.  Maybe it's the feeling of the water running through my hands, or probably the bubbles (I love playing with bubbles when I was a kid), or perhaps the satisfaction I get when I'm able to get the dirt out of the dishes.  I remember when I would ask our help to let me wash the dishes instead, and dear Mom would freak out and ask why on earth am I washing the dishes. LOL.  Too bad, I don't get to wash as much dishes here in Manila as when I'm back home in the province.

But in as much as I love washing the dishes, I hate what happens after.  My hands will itch like crazy.  Yes, I am allergic to some soaps and detergents.  My hands will get really dry, and I won't be able to stop myself from scratching so I end up having nasty rashes.

I've tried a lot of dishwashing liquids in the past, and currently, I'm using Joy.  I love that it gets the job done, but my hands still itch from using it.  

Just when I am about to forget my love for washing the dishes to save my dear hands, this   miracle called Droplets of Nature came to the rescue....

Droplets of Nature Dishwashing Liquid

Made from potato/corn based surfactant, which is listed as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US Food &Drugs Administration. It is highly Concentrated (a tiny drop is enough for 4 to 6 pieces of plates or 5 tablespoon of the dishwashing liquid can be mixed
to one cup of water for the most economical way).  Free from Paraben, Phosphate, SLES and harmful chemicals.  Loaded with Essential Oils. 
Php156/500ml, Php285/1L

yes, it's made from potato and corn so it's eco-friendly.  
It's gentle on the hands too.  I like that I don't itch after using it.

It smells good too, kinda reminds me of body wash. 

It's a lot more concentrated than other brands, so what I do is I dilute a drop or two.  It bubbles a lot too, which I love.  And it's absolutely tough on grease!

It may be a bit more expensive than the usual dishwashing liquids available, but the fact that it gets the job done without harming the environment and our hands, makes it a real winner.

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