Thursday, October 18, 2012

Facial Care Center 30th Anniversary...

The night of October 1st has got to be the most glamorous event I've been to.  It was Facial Care Center's 30th Anniversary.  Yes, that's 30 years of beautifying women whose standards are high when it comes to their skin care.    The event was held at the Conservatory of the Peninsula Manila and there were overflowing food, drinks and beautiful people.

The Facial Care Beauties

Care to guess their age?  I wouldn't dare.  These beauties have been with FCC for so many years they certainly don't look their age.  I guess that's the magic with Facial Care Center, you'll stop aging as soon as you become one of their clients. 

To commemorate this milestone, Facial Care Center came up with the 2013 Beauty Calendar depicting various interpretations of beauty.  Nowadays, people have different views when it comes to beauty.   While some would prefer the mestizas, some would go for the morenas.  Some would even consider a woman beautiful by the way she moves, carry herself or just by being her simple, natural look anytime of the day. 

Facial Care Center's Beauty Calendar 2013 featuring its endorsers:

The party was awesome.  There were a number of raffle draws were people won GCs, Charriol bracelets and even a Chanel bag!  Too bad I didn't win.  But to be invited to this once in a lifetime event to celebrate an important milestone of one of the country's premiere facial center is more than enough.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Oh yes, that's Marc Nelson with me, Angela and Earth

with NJ Torres and our matching outfit, haha!

fan girl mode with Ms. Dawn Zulueta

Earth on fan-girl mode too with Ms. Shalani

Lissa Kahayon and David Guison

my outfit

I'm glad I was finally able to wear this purple top after almost a year.  

Happy 30th Anniversary, Facial Care Center! 
Thanks and more power.

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