Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Looks: Green (Twists of Tartan take 2)

I was digging into my makeup stuff when I saw my MAC Twists of Tartan eyeshadow palette which was given to be by my MIL some time ago.  I felt kinda guilty for I haven't used that palette ever since. That's one reason why I decided to stop buying makeup,  I don't think I'd be able to finish everything!

So I created a look and came up with this:

And then I browsed thru my all posts and looked for my blog post about this palette...and guess what, the look I created is the same (almost!) with the one I created more than a year ago.

Did I say almost?  Well, my cheeks are a lot chubbier that time!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!
Yay, I can't wait for weekend.  I'm excited for a photoshoot for, uhmm..let me keep it as a secret for now.  Will tell you soon!

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