Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on my phone...

Guess what I'm doing..

Texting?  Tweeting?  Facetime-ing?

I was asking my phone mirror "who's the fairest most vain of them all.."

Yes, my phone screen turns into a mirror when on lock-mode or when the light goes off.  
At least now I don't have to bring out my mirror to check if my makeup's staying put. How convenient, di ba?

I like changing my phone case,  but if I have a choice, I'd rather not put it in a case because I hate it when my phone becomes bulky.  This color film from Mercury is scratchproof, so phone's still safe as long as you don't drop it. 

How cute is that!

This mirror film's genius.  With this, who needs a mirror in your makeup kit?  Now that's an extra space for you.  

Check it out at Mercury Case PH.  There are 10 colors available.  And yes, they have other types of cases as well.

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Iya Boto said...

The inventor of that product is genius! Really convenient for women who always want to check their face once in a while. New follower here, Ms. Brigitte! Hope you can drop by my blog too. :)


Iambrigitte said...

true, it's really great for vain people like us. LOL

thanks for visiting iya. will check out your blog too! :)

Unknown said...

all these cutie cases makes me wanna switch to iphone so bad T_T

Unknown said...

Hi Ms. Brigitte! :) I already have the same mirror finish protector for my ipod... :) it really is handy! :)
Btw, I was one of the contest entries for your beauty pro palette, I already ventured into blogging too! :) Hope you can drop by sometime! :)

Dainty MD

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