Monday, October 15, 2012

NOTD: Animal prints...

This nail art is by far the easiest to do:

....thank God for nail strips!

I bought a set of nail strips at Landmark last week for P199, and it has 20 strips in the box.  It would be a lot easier if my nails are of the same size with that of the strips, I had to cut them down to my size.  You should also be careful in sticking the strip onto the nails to prevent bubbles and to make sure they stick on evenly. Then top with your fave top coat and you're good.

It's been 5 days already and they still look good.
So yeah, I might buy more of these nail strips but would probably use them on special occasions and when I can't count on my "talent" with nail art.

It's Monday again my lovelies, I hope we would all have a great week!

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