Sunday, October 14, 2012

Product Review: Bioderma Crealine H2O + my first video (after 4 years!)

A few days ago, Digitaltraincase gifted me with this makeup remover that has been (and still is) raved by a lot of people, even famous international makeup artists like Lisa Elridge.  

Bioderma Crealine H2O

Crealine H2O make-up remover and cleansing solution, without perfume for fragile skin and fine skin cleansing. Face and eye make-up removal. Rash, blotches..

Solution of fatty acid esters, both emulgatory and filmogenous, enables dirt to be emulsified and surface hydrolipidic film to be reconstituted.

Soothing and emolliant, thanks to cucumber extract.

Non detergent, non foaming, neutral pH. Soap free.

I have this in this cute 100ml plastic bottle.  Simple packaging, yet cute!

sealed for protection

Pink flip-top cap, all you need is a quick, gentle squeeze to dispense just the right amount of product

Wanna know my thoughts, and perhaps a demo on how I use it?  Nope, not on photos...but in a video! Yes, I am back to filming after a looong time.  Thanks to my new baby, Tangy, shooting and editing a video is a lot easier.  I still need more getting used to, though. But, I'll get there..hopefully! (laughs)

But first please bear with me as I do say "Uhm" a lot.  And there's a lot of making faces too!  And please don't laugh, I know I look like a stuffed monay.  

So here it is:

If you've watched the video, you'll see how Bioderma was able to remove almost all of my eye makeup, though there was a bit of liner left on my left eye which I removed using a cotton bud after the filming.  But right now, it's currently my favorite makeup remover.

Good for sensitive skin because it doesn't sting
It's like water, but it can really remove waterproof makeup
No blurring of vision
No scent
No alcohol, so it's not drying
No oily residue
No allergic reactions.  I did not use it on my face though, as I am already breaking out so bad (sniff) and despite it being gentle, I don't want to risk it for the meantime.
The packaging. No need to worry if you're the kind who tends to break a lot of things
Reasonably priced at Php1200 for a 500ml bottle.  Take note that this 100ml bottle is not being sold by Digitaltraincase and was provided for this review.

NONE. What's not to like anyway?  

Now I know why this is such a favorite of models and makeup artists.  And according to Digitaltraincase, this baby is selling like hotcakes!  So if you want to order, drop by the Digitaltraincase online store ASAP!  They only have a limited supply so hurry up before they gets sold out.

I'm happy to be able to start filming again.  I want to do makeup tutorials soon, so for those who have been requesting makeup looks, I'll try to grant your requests.

Until next time!

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Tara Cabullo said...

NAKS naman! :D Galing ng video!

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