Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Product Review: Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

I've always been curious about Laneige products since I first read about it in a magazine and saw that the beautiful Song Hye Kyo is their endorser.  Well, with an endorser as gorgeous as her, who wouldn't get enticed to use the products she's (supposedly) using?  Okay fine, I am gullible like that.  What can I do, I love her!

But I really haven't gotten the chance to check out a Laneige counter.  But trust me, I already have a list! (laughs)  Thanks to our friends from Laneige, I got the chance to try out my first ever Laneige product....

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

An addition to their Snow BB line, this Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (whew!) comes with these 5 amazing benefits:

1. Sweatproof, it helps makeup stay unspoilt and beautiful all day
2. Whitening, it contains patented White Plus Renew Complex TM with strong melanin reduction ingredients and y-PGA for increased suppleness and luminosity
3. Hydrating, provides 30% more moisture to skin with every application.  It even provides a cooling sensation for hot and humid temperature like ours.  
4. Long lasting medium coverage, can be used even on blemishes and dark circle
5.  SPF50+ PA+++, to protect skin from harmful UV rays

Compact is quite bulky, but it's surprisingly lightweight.  

I love the white compact, it looks and feel so clean.  And it comes with a mirror and a separate compartment for the sponge, just perfect!

It comes with this specially-designed puff that absorbs less moisture than ordinary puff.  

That light-blue pan serves as the barrier between the sponge and the BB cushion so the product's active ingredients and their functionality are preserved.

And of course, for hygienic purposes!

The BB cushion-part is sealed upon purchase.

And that's the soft cushion with the BB liquid.

I was too OC that I hesitated using the sponge at first.  So I used a disposable sponge instead.  
Ang arte ko lang!

The cushion is designed using the air pump technology.  The cushion has an air pump that contains air bubbles that dispenses a thin layer of BB liquid onto the sponge with just a light pat.


At first glance on the compact, I thought No. 21 or Natural Beige is too dark.  But it's not!  I think it's my perfect match.


If you notice, the effect is luminous. It provides sheer coverage, but is buildable without looking cakey.

Now let's try it on my face:

moisturized + sun-protected skin

As you can see, I really have blemished skin, no thanks to my nasty habit of pricking.  Good thing the cystic acne are subsiding, but there's a lot of acne scars that needs a lot of covering.  

And here's after a layer:

It instantly brightened my skin and provided an even, medium coverage.  Most of the acne scars are still visible but it did a great job of lessening the redness on my face.  And yes, I didn't use a separate concealer at this point.  

Here's  sample FOTD using Laneige:

At the above photo, I used a separate concealer to fully hide my blemishes.  But after using the product for several times, I've learned that the best way to hide those blemishes is first,  swipe the product onto the face for the first layer.  And then pat or dab the product onto the parts you would want to conceal.  What I really love about it is that, it doesn't feel sticky and no matter how much product I apply,  it doesn't look cakey.  There's no need to set it with a powder, as it dries up to a glowing, matte look after a few minutes.  I use either a pressed powder or a loose translucent powder to set it.  

It stays put for a good 6-8hrs, I still oil up on my t-zone but it's nothing that an oil blotting sheet can't take care of. It doesn't melt, transfer or rub off.  And it feels light on the skin too!  It's as if I'm not wearing anything.  And people compliment my "glowing, healthy look" whenever I am wearing it.

I usually wear a separate sunblock, but not anymore if I am using this. So right after toning and moisturizing, I go straight to using this wonder BB and I know I am already sun-protected.  Thanks to SPF 50+ PA+++!  Surprisingly, with its high SPF, it doesn't leave too much whitish cast on pictures.  It's still photo-friendly!

Each box of this comes with a compact, and two refills of the same shade.  A refill costs Php950, and you get it for free because you only pay Php1950 for a compact plus the two refills!

See the "Push" at the above photo?  Press on that to remove the used refill.  And then gently press the new refill onto the base of the compact.  

If you think you are running out of the BB liquid, simply flip the cushion cover so you can use the the liquid that have settled on the other side.  

As for the sponge (yes, I've finally had the heart to use it...LOL!), it can be pain to clean it.  What I do is I soak it in lukewarm water with some dishwashing liquid (I use Joy, or Drops of Nature), massage it gently and then press the excess water out of it.  I then use J&J Baby Milk Bath after.  Pour some of it on the sponge, massage, gently squeeze out excess water then let it dry.

I've been using this almost everyday, as I love the coverage and the lightweight-feel it provides.  So yes, I am definitely buying this once I run out of it (or even way before it runs out!)

Visit LANEIGE at Shangri-la Plaza, Trinoma, Mall of Asia, Robinsons Place Midtown Mall, Robinsons Galleria and Robinsons Magnolia to check out more of their products.  Or you can also like their Facebook page here to know more about their products and latest promotions.  

Have you tried this or any of Laneige products?  Now that I am loving my first ever Laneige product, I am definitely checking out the rest of their products soon.  The next I want to try is their Water Sleeping Pack!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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redshoetraveller said...

Nice, i love it! But did it break you out though? I hope this one's noncomedogenic.

Unknown said...

this didnt break me out :)

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