Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rajo Laurel for SM Parisian and Milanos..

Last September. Rajo Laurel, whose name equates to elegant and chic couture collections, launched his second collaboration with SM Parisian and his first with SM Milanos, which derive inspiration from the Japanese culture.  His comeback of Rajo! for Parisian features adventurously stylish wedges, boots, flats and heels for women while the premier Rajo! for Milanos introduces dapper casual and dress shoes for men.

The event was Japanese in theme and the collections were featured with men dressed as neo-samurais and the women as modern geishas.  I was so equally amazed with the dresses (I wonder if Rajo would come up with such collection too in the future), the shoes and of course, the makeup!  I remember when I did a geisha look to my dear sister years ago.  Looking at how the makeup was done at the show, I know I was too conservative with my own geisha interpretation way back. (laughs)

the genius, Rajo Laurel

my gorgeous dates, Angela and Tara

After the presentation, we were ushered to a big ala-warehouse room where we can get our own pair of Parisian or Milanos...for FREE!  Thanks to our friends from SM and Green Bulb PR for the GC that's good for a pair from any of the two collections.

the decors reminded me of candy factories I see in cartoons

Ugh, I thought he's up for grabs too!

the makeup's just awesome!
(sorry,  I must admit I got drawn to their makeup more than anything else...but hey, it's just me!)

The shoes were on display and there were polite and accommodating people from SM that can help you get what you want to try.

I kinda expected that it will be a riot, or mala-palengke because there were too many people.  But no, it was actually fun! There were people walking around trying out a pair, some waiting for their size, people taking pictures...there's such a whole lot of happenings that night.  

and here are just some of the shoes that would surely make your heart skip a beat:

and here's our pretty Angela trying out a pair:

I was supposed to get the same style but there's no more size 5.  Ugh, I hate my small feet.

Tara's so happy with her pick!

And here's me:

Actually, I wasn't able to get anything yet.  That box is Tara's and I just borrowed it for pictorial purposes.



And again me, with somebody else's new pair!

I am not much of a shoe person (really, I'm not.  Sabi na ngang hindi eh, promise!) but I can say that the genius Rajo Laurel did it again.  He gave us an awesome selection with this first Rajo! for Parisian collection, and this second one doesn't disappoint as well.  

And now, let me tease you more by showing you what's in store for you:

Rajo! for Parisian:

Hanami (Php1499.75), Kabuki (Php1999.75)

Maiko (Php999.75), Midori (Php2199.75)

Mifune (Php1499.75), Ninja (Php2199.75)

Obi (Php1999.75), Okiya (Php999.75)

Oshima (Php2199.75), Sakura (Php1999.75)

Samurai (Php2499.75), Sayuri (Php2499.75)

Sensei (Php2499.75), Tao (Php2499.75)

Rajo! for Milanos
Daimos (Ph1499.75), Gohan (Php1999.75)

Hachiko (Php1999.75), Kahimi

Kobe  (Ph1499.75), Koji Boot (Php1999.75)

Koji (Ph1499.75), Kyoto (Ph1499.75)

Mazinger Z (Php1999.75), Takeo (Php1999.75)

Takeshi (Php1999.75), Toshi Embro (Php1299.75)

Toshi (Php1299.75), Watanabe (Php1499.75)

Good quality, fashionable shoes for both men and women at affordable prices.  What more can you ask for? 
 Truly, SM has got it all for you.

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