Monday, October 1, 2012

Shiseido Makeup Workshop with Ms. Angela Boh

Yes, that's me and Ms. Angela Boh, Shiseido's Regional Training Manager for Asia during the Shiseido Makeup Workshop some weeks ago at Greenbelt 5.

I studied Makeup Artistry more than 4 years ago and have been playing with makeup and on other people since then.  I can say that I have some knowledge, but additional and not to mention, new techniques to add up on my book are always welcome.  So when I got an invite to attend the workshop for Shiseido, I was so excited as I've always loved learning new things!

The workshop was held at the Greenbelt 5 Activity Center (beside Adora). The place isn't new to me as I already had a makeup gig there once.  

As soon as I arrived at the venue, I registered and checked out what our friends from Shiseido has in store for us:

my desk

There were tables and a large projector screen for the demo.  There were basic brushes and makeup on  the desk, too!  I got excited and a bit scared, since I am not really used to using other brushes other than mine.  


see who's my seatmate

yes, that's a typo on my website url!  but it's okay.

introduction on the activity

Ms. Angela Boh
Shiseido's Regional Training Manager for Asia

and so the workshop began...

First, she demonstrated how to apply primer on the model's face.  According to her, it's best to use your middle and ring finger since it gives a light pressure so no tugging of the skin.  The warmth of the fingers/skin also help to blend the product more easily.

Then she introduced Shiseido's newest foundation, the Radiant Lifting Foundation.

She also demonstrated how to apply the foundation using Shiseido's famous brush, the Perfect Foundation Brush that can be used on liquid, cream and even powder formulas.

Here's my swatches of the foundation in O20:

Here's a page of our makeup lesson:  

Techniques in applying makeup product using their brush

1. For full coverage, you pat the product on the area. ex: Undereye area
2. For medium coverage, you press-down the product on the area.  ex: Nose and forehead
3. For light coverage, you blend the product outwards.  ex: rest of the face

Confusing?  I'll try to come up with a tutorial (hopefully a video tur) to better demo the techniques!

patting the product on the undereye area

pressing down the product on the forehead and nose area

and here come's my favorite, the eye makeup application:

One of their new products is the Camellia compact:

It's a blush and highlighter in one!

applying the blush using the blending outwards technique

another new product is their Lacquer Rouge.  I love the glossy finish even without the lip gloss!

applying the lip color

Ms. Angela and her model after the make-over

After the demo, we were asked to make-over a model.  It was exciting and at the same time, scary for me.  Scary because like I've mentioned, I am not used to using other brushes aside from my own set of brushes.  But it's a challenge..a challenge that I'm not gonna say No to.  

my pretty model, Krish 
(ugh, I hope my rusty brain serves me right)

and here she is after:

Yours truly with my model

Mine and Michelle's model

There was a contest and the lovely Angela won:

congrats, Angela!

Shen with Ms. Angela Boh

Sophie and Ms. Angela Boh

group pic with some of the participants and Ms. Genevieve Yalung, Product Manager for Shiseido
(Thanks Michelle for the photo)

Me and my other-chipmunk friend, Sophie

my certificate

this made me kilig!  (laughs)  I wasn't able to get my certificate when I studied 4 years ago, so this is my first.  Yeah, sayang I know!

I also got this lovely gift as a token of appreciation from our friends in Shiseido:

And here's what inside:

Lovely, right?

Thanks again to our friends from Shiseido and Thinline Advertising for this great opportunity.  Now I realized I still have a lot to learn, and having said that, I decided to take up makeup classes again soon.      Real soon, I hope!

It's the first day of October and it's a Monday!  
I hope everybody's having a great day.  

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Anonymous said...

oohhlala! you're so lucky!! ^_^ Stay pretty girl!

I hope to meet you one of these days!

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raych said...

lovely make-up you did there! i just love seeing posts like this <3 wish I could attend a workshop someday :) i'm really inspired by all of you!

Hollie said...

Looks like a fun filled event! drooling over your shiseido goodies ^_^

MrsMartinez | said...

Kala ko pa naman may photo tayo together as seatmates hahaha Names lang pala lol


MAGGIE said...

The model looked great with the foundation. Hope you make a review about it. Looks promising!


Ehmjay Bornales said...

Wow! The goodies were awesome, looking forward for your review! :)

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