Thursday, October 18, 2012

Should I or should I not?

Oh yes, I'm wearing false lashes.

I seriously wish my lashes are like these.  Now, I'm thinking of getting lash extensions.  What do you think?  My only problem is, I won't be able to wear mascara.  But who needs mascara if you already have thick and long lashes?

So what do you think?

For those who have tried eyelash extensions, would you think I'd be sort of limited with wearing eye makeup often?  I mean, I wear eyeshadow and eyeliner so I always have to use eye makeup remover.  Will this shorten the "life span" of my extensions, if ever?

Lemme know!


Weekend's almost here.  If you have nothing to do and you want to start early on your Christmas shopping, please drop by the Supersale Bazaar at the World Trade Center.  It will be from October 19-21, 10am to 9pm.  I'll be there for the winners of the makeover and a guest makeup artist at Digitaltraincase's booth.

I'll be there from 12noon onwards.  
Please drop by and say hello, I'd be glad to see you.


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Gellie Abogado said...

Go try it out! The false lashes look good on you :)

DianeShishio said...

I personally don't recommend extensions since they require maintenance. It feels very weird when they slowly fall off and your lashes get grow back to their original length. Right now I wear falsies half of the time I go out :P

This is a good option for major events or going on holidays. Do give it a try :)

Azaza said...

It is high maintenance but you could always give it a try and see of you like it, that's what I decided when I got mine done this week.

Iambrigitte said...

thanks for the input i'm definitely torn. hahahaa

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