Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Something New: Shiseido's 2012 Autumn/Winter makeup

Radiant Lifting Foundation

The foundation utilizes Shiseido’s newly-developed Radiant Reflective Complex which applies the light-bouncing and illuminating effect of a reflective board used by most photographers. This play of reflective light and illumination battles the impression of premature aging caused by shadows due to wrinkles and sagging, immediately making the skin look bright, brilliant, firmer, and fuller!

I wasn't able to try this on myself except for the swatch I did at the back of my hand.  I used it on my model (see my previous post) and I noticed that though it offers full coverage, it doesn't look cakey and it gives out a natural glow.  My model said she has oily skin, but more than hour has passed and not to mention the lights during they were being shot, her face stayed looking polish and no trace of oiling up.

Camellia Compact

Celebrating its 140th anniversary this 2012, Shiseido’s Camellia Compact is the embodiment of the brand’s belief in the evolution of beauty and features the iconic camellia motif. Whether the colors are worn individually or blended together to create a highlighter effect, the gorgeous powder gives off that rich, velvety feeling and natural yet vibrant flush when applied.
Coming in three exquisite and dramatic shades such as Rich Rose, Spring-Petal Pink, and Icy- Cool Platinum, the Camellia Compact is a wonderful way to add an enticing blush in a woman’s day-to-day look!

This baby is so gorgeous!  I love how the 3 shades are put together in one sleek compact.  Problem is, I don't think I have to heart to use it.  It's so pretty that I won't dare touch it.  (Laughs)  I was only able to use it on my model and I love how you can use it as blush and as a highlighter.  Now if you are too lazy, swipe the brush over the 3 shades and you'll have a multidimensional blush.  Just remember to go easy on the application if you don't want to be a walking disco ball.

Lacquer Rouge

Of course, a little splash of color is something every woman cannot live without! This is why Shiseido has developed their Lacquer Rouge collection, a line of intense and lustrous liquid lip colors that takes its inspiration from Japan’s lacquer artistry. All about brilliant shine and rich pigments in one single layer, the lacquer rouge line has married the simplicity of a lip gloss with the color intensity of lipstick. 

Shiseido’s Lacquer Rouge collection comes in twelve different shades, from subtle nudes to bold plums, perfect for those on-the-go women who need a quick and easy dab of color for emergency meetings or impromptu nights-out!

Mom loves Shiseido, no doubt about that.  I first encountered the brand thru her way back in college.  I remember using their foundation powder and their oil-blotting sheets.  Geesh, imagine my first blotting sheets coming from Shiseido.  Ang sosyal lang!  (laughs)  But of course, I didn't have an idea how much it costs back then.  Aside from skincare, my Mom loves their lipsticks.  And I know why.  Their lipsticks apply like butter and the colors stay true.  They have lovely pigmentation and they don't dry up the lips.  

Their new Lacquer Rouge collection is no exception.  They are very pigmented, and opaque.  A layer is more than enough.  The slanted tip applicator also offers even, precise application.  Again, I was only able to try this on my model during the workshop but she told me that it doesn't feel heavy on the lips.  I can't say whether it's sticky or not, as I patted some powder on her lips to make it appear matte.   I forgot the shade I used on her, I wanna get that soon.  It's a lovely nude-ish brown shade, which is of course, great to pair with smoked eyes.

Have you tried any of Shiseido's products?  I've tried their White Lucent line years ago and I love it.  My Mom loves their powder foundations, and some of their skincare.  I think my sister uses White Lucent foundation too!  Hahaha, 3 generations of Shiseido users.  

The Radiant Lifting Foundation, Camellia Compact, and Lacquer Rouge collection are now available in all Shiseido stores nationwide. To know more, please visit www.shiseido.com. You can also follow them on Twitter at @ShiseidoPH or like them on Facebook at ShiseidoPH.

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