Wednesday, October 3, 2012

(Uber) Late lunch at Secret Recipe...

And I am back with another food post!
(Feeling foodie, LOL)

Remember the stay-cation weeks ago?  We checked out at the hotel around 3pm, yes, that's how they love my mom.  They allow late checkouts! Then we went to my sister's condo to pick up her laundry and then to Megamall to get me a new toy (this will be on a separate post, wink).  We had breakfast around 9, and we had the buffet so we managed to skip lunch. But our tummies were already grumbling around 5 so we had to grab a bite first.

Mom wanted something light.  She's never a fan of heavy meals,  so yeah, those food posts that you see are mostly for me and my sis.  Too bad, I'm the only one who gains weight.

Anyway, I decided to bring Mom to Secret Recipe at Megamall.  She haven't been there and I know they serve good salads and soups.

my date

And here's our food:

Crispy Chicken Salad, Php170

Mom LOVES salads.  She can survive with just having greens all her life.  Maybe she's a goat during her past life?

Surprisingly, I liked this salad too.  I usually get those with the Thousand Islands dressing (how classic), but Mom said what's the point of just having greens if you'll have some mayo/cream overdose.  This one has vinaigrette dressing, and it's good.

Tom Yum Kum, Php270

I was feeling a bit sick that day and I felt like I needed soup so I ordered this.  It was spicy!  Mom choked when she tried it, but I loved it.  It has 2-3pcs of failry big-sized shrimps.  And this one's good for 2 servings.  

Pumpkin Soup, Php95

Aside from salads, Mom loves soup.  She particularly loves pumpkin soup.  Fortunately, Secret Recipe serves good pumpkin soup.  It's creamy and tasty.  I think I'd be able to survive with just this and crackers...NOT.

 Calamansi Shake, Php120?

Again, I was feeling sick. So I need to load on Vitamin C. 

Mom's not really into cakes...geesh, she hates extra calories. But I told her that Secret Recipe has really good cakes, and that she needs to try it.  And she agreed.
(yes, I can be that makulit!)

Carrot Cake, Php95

Mom's cake.
Guess what, this is the only carrot cake that I liked.  Chunky bits, right amount of carrot!  

Coffee Cheesecake, Php95

And here's mine.  I LOVE cheesecakes, but I actually prefer the plain ones.  They don't have one at Secret Recipe so I got this instead.  Not too sweet, which is good and even Mom approved.  

I can't remember how many times I've dined there. But each time I do, it's a good and filling experience.  Lots of choices in their menu and fairly priced, too!  

So yes, I am definitely going back.  And I think Mom would too!

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