Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yabu: House of Katsu...

In the past, whenever I would hear or say the words "comfort food," I would think of chocolates, cakes, ice cream or loads of french fries.   

Until YABU came.

I've been to YABU several times already, and there was never a time that I went home unsatisfied.  I don't eat much rice (unless I'm home in the province and my aunt cooks sinigang or pakbet), but when in Yabu, I'd always finish my cup of rice...sometimes even ask for another one.

Yes, I always look forward to eating at Yabu.  C'mon, who doesn't?  I was on a strict diet months ago but when a friend asked me to join her for lunch at Yabu, I bid my diet goodbye and ate like there's no tomorrow.  

So when I was given a chance to have lunch at Yabu one fine Friday, the thought of being 11lbs overweight flew out of the window.  And guess who I brought with me?

my sister Sam!

Oh yeah, she was too amused by the ala-mortar and pestle thing

my sister happily grinding

"Ate, why do I need to grind these sesame seeds...I'll be okay with just the sauce."
And I said, "Just grind."

and she did.

Time for the Tonkatsu sauce:

I seriously love their iced tea.  

and their Miso soup!

and of course, their cabbage salad:

I can eat this all day! 

I don't usually like cabbage..but I guess the secret is the sesame dressing:

even my sister loves the salad!  and the best part?  it's unlimited, woo hooooo!
(takaw lang, LOL)

this salmon (Php150/pc)  is so good...most especially when you put lemon.  it literally melts in your mouth..ah, I almost wanted to sing "Alleluiah!!!"

Rosu Katsudon (Php355) set for my sis

Oh how I love their katsudons.  They're deep fried, and yet, not oily!

Rosu Katsu Curry (Php330) for me

"twas my first time to try out their curry.  I ordered "mild" and I think it would already be hot for others, but not for somebody who loves spicy foods like yours truly.  I was actually thinking of getting the rosu katsu set too, but I've had that for several times already so I opted for curry.  And OHEMGEE, it didn't disappoint! I love the perfect combination of curry and spice, and I had a blast with the sauce as a dip for my katsu.  I'll definitely order for curry again next time.  It's so good I want to marry it!  

Oh, and she finally realized why she had to grind those black and white sesame seeds.  "Ate, this sauce smells and tastes good!"  

my sister doesn't eat rice but she almost finished a cup!

I know she's on a diet but I don't think she felt guilty after.  With food as good as Yabu's, who would think of diet!?

Too bad Mom wasn't with us.  But I am seriously thinking if she would love the food at Yabu as she's not that into pork or even seafood.  She loves salads though, so probably she can survive with just having their unlimited salad.  LOL.  and oh, the miso too!

And here are some photos of our mini-feast (mini, pa daw oh! haha) that day:

I heard some people say Yabu is mahal.  I don't think so.  Well, their prices start at Php300++ (for the sets) but they have huge servings, and c'mon, unlimited rice and cabbage salad?  I suggest you come to Yabu with an empty stomach because you'll definitely be in, FULL after.  

So yes, whenever I need some comforting, YABU is the place to be.

Thanks again to YABU for this tummy-filling treat!  
More power and yes, more branches!

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Robinsons Magnolia
Telephone: +632 576-3900, 961-4975
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