Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Charm Essentials promos for the holidays!

Hiyeee, everyone!  So how's Wednesday treating you all?  I'm back from my vacation but unfortunately, I've been sick for days now.  Probably because of too much sun and sea water?  But it's okay,   I had a great time and at least I'll have enough rest to keep me on the go once I get back to work next week.

Now that it's less than a month before the holidays, it's time to get those shopping/gifts list out.  Actually, it's better if you've started earlier...but there's still time, so don't fret!  I am sure there are lots of good deals out there to help you get started.  

Sophie, the beauty and brains behind Charm Essentials came up with her own set of great deals for the holidays:

Brush sets + Brush Cleaner promos:

and a special Buy one, Take one for the Inti-Mate Bra Converter:

Also, you can catch our dear Sophie at her Beauty and Minerals booth at the St. James Bazaar this weekend:


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Unknown said...

wala bang promo s mga retractable brush

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