Thursday, November 15, 2012

NOTD: Brushed...

Here's another attempt on nail art:

Okay, this may not look like "art" (laughs). It didn't actually come up like what I have in mind, but I just got too lazy to start over pinanindigan ko na! LOL.

Turned out, some people liked it.  And well, I like it too. 
Love your own, yes!?

How I did it:

1.  I applied base coat (Revlon)
2. Two coats of rosy beige polish (NYX) as base
3. Dip the ends of a fan brush on a purple shade, and then sweep on the nail starting from the right side going to the left (or from Left to Right) then vice-versa.  
4.  Let it dry for a minute then do the same with a pink and then a white shade of polish
5. Finish with a top coat

Last weekend, I was so happy because my nails got featured in Manila Bulletin! The feature was made by Jane Kingsu-Cheng, and it was about nail art.  I was featured together with Nikki who happened to be my inspiration in trying out nail art.  I may not be as good as her or the others, but I am just so happy that people appreciate my work.  I promise to practice more, as practice really makes everything perfect.  

Thanks again, Jane!  I got so kilig after seeing my nails on paper!

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MereMakeupManiac said...

this is nice kaya sis, buti ka nga you can do nail art kahit pano, i cannot hehe ;-)

congrats on the feature!

Unknown said...

yay havey naman e!
congrats on feature!

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