Monday, November 19, 2012

Product Review: Benefit Erase Paste

Hello, y'all!  How's your weekend?  Mine was busy, as Mr. X's now home for a one-month vacation.  Today's my last day at work, well at least for this month because I'll be on a vacation too!  

I won't be attending events for the coming week, and probably won't be posting as much but I will try.  I won't be bringing "Tangy" with me so let's see.  

For today, let me share with you my HG undereye concealer as of the moment.  I've been using Revlon's Age Defying undereye concealer for a long time (and loving it) until I realized I ran out of it one day and I didn't have any backup!  Good thing I have this lifesaver in Benefit's Confession of a Concealaholic kit. And since then, it has been a staple in my makeup kit.

Benefit Erase Paste

Brightening Camouflage for the eyes and face.

Available in 3 shades: Fair, Medium and Deep

I am not sure how much is in this pot, but I've been using this since early this year..almost everyday and  I still have this much!  

It has this perfect salmon shade that doesn't only cover, but brighten as well.  It's a bit thick so all you need is a little amount to cover your undereye area. 

swatch blended in

Let's see how it fares on my undereyes:

I really have dark, almost reddish undereye area as you can see.  I only get to sleep 4hrs max on a weekday and I have this nasty habit of rubbing my eyes like crazy.  Wearing eye makeup helps keep my hands from rubbing, so now you know one reason why I love wearing makeup. (laughs)

I apply Erase Paste with a brush applying more on the area near the tear ducts, where it's darker.

Then I blend it with my ring finger.  The consistency of the concealer's a bit thick so the natural warmth of my skin helps blend it a lot easier.   I also dab what's left on my finger on the sides and  on the lids.

Before - After

Like with any liquid, or cream, you need to set it with a powder so it would stay put.  I love using my MAC MSF Natural in Light or my Nyx Flat But Not Matte powder.    I also use this on the blemishes on my face, also as a corrector and then top it off with my another HG concealer, the Benefit Boi-ing

Creamy formula that's easy to apply and blend
Perfect salmon shade to cover and correct dark undereye circles and even blemishes
Stays put, as long as you set it.
Doesn't crease, or settle into fine lines
No allergic reactions
A little goes a long way
Brightens up the undereye area

It doesn't have any special ingredients to combat puffiness or fine lines, like that of Revlon's but it really does an amazing job in covering my dark "secrets" LOL.

Priced at Php1400 for a small pot, you might think this is pretty expensive.  I'd say it is, but WTH, this stuff works...and once you get the hang of using it with just the right amount, the small pot will last you a long time.  I really, really love this product.  I still have more than 1/4 left in the pot, but I am getting a back up real soon.  

How about you?  Have you tried this, or are you currently using it?  Let me know your thoughts!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Gellie Abogado said...

Haven't tried this one yet but I'm pretty satisfied with my current concealer, which is from Careline. Totally inexpensive :)

AskMeWhats said...

Nice nga siya, a bit thick kaya worth it kahit ang liit niya! :) miss you sis!

MereMakeupManiac said...

yey for spouse bonding! treasure these moments together, ang blog andito lang yan. ;-)

the creamy consistency of this concealer reminds me of Shu's mark cealer, which was my HG concealer and unfortunately have been discontinued. X-( do you get product using a spatula? parang hassle lang hehe. i apply mine directly kasi then blend, tamad ako gumamit ng pangkuha pa hehe. pero parang kulang sa yellow noh?

agree with you on expensive concealers, worth it if works for you. this has been the case with me on Shu mark cealer and now with Edward Bess platinum concealer. there are a few cheaper alternatives like Revlon's but they're very rare.

enjoy the time off with the hubs!

Ari said...

My sister has this and I decided to try it out but unfortunately the formula is a bit drying on me. In other words it dries out any imperfections I try to conceal and makes it stand out PHP195 concealer from SanSan actually works better, but oh well! Can't expect one product to work for everyone, right? :)

Sharina said...

Havent tried any benefit concealers. This looks more like a corrector, right? :)
I love my Bobbi Brown corrector! Then I use MAC concealer on top like you'd use Boi-ing! :)
If I get enough money, I might try this! It's so mahalia!! :'((

The Misty Mom

Barbie said...

I gotta have thissss! Thank you for the review Ms. Brigitte!

Infinite Elegance

juicyjuicyjoy said...

Wow! One-month vacay with the hubby! Gonna have mine next month naman, hihi. :)

I purchased the Revlon Age Defying Concealer because of you! Kaka-fresh ng face e ;)

Unknown said...

have fun with the vacation <3

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