Thursday, November 22, 2012

Something New: Paris Hilton Dazzle

Okay, I have a confession to make.  I LOVE Paris Hilton! There was even a time when I can't stop listening to her song, "Nothing in this world" LOL.  I know most people don't like her, because to some, she's just a spoiled brat who's only all about being rich and living a fabulous life. Well, it's not her fault to born rich.  Err, filthy rich.  But there's more to her than just being a billionaire hotel heiress and a reality TV star. She's also a successful businesswoman!  Bah, she works her ass off too!  And it isn't her fault if she does it in style.

So when her 15th fragrance, Dazzle, came out..I am just too happy to have a bottle for myself. Thanks to our friends from Prestige Brands! :)

Dazzle is a fruity fragrance that "expresses Paris' whimsical side, revealing her inner beauty - dazzlingly and charming without the need for bling."

"Give me a chance to color my world and I colour it pink. A sparkling, sweet, pretty and playful pink, Dazzle, my newest fragrance, is about my world, me and all the different facets of my personality.”, said Paris adding: "I love beautiful jewels and of course, pink diamonds are a favorite, but feeling dazzling, special and on top of the world isn't about material things, for me, it comes from within.”

Developed by perfumer, Frank Voelkl, it opens with notes of pink lady apple, maraschino cherry and peach nectar with violet petals, pink calypso orchid and orange blossom in the heart and the base of vanilla, pink champagne, white patchouli and musk.

I love its sparkling, fresh and sweet scent, with a hint of being powdery. It actually reminds me of a candy store! Sweet, but not overly sweet. I love the vanilla in it too! It on me for a good 4-5hrs, so staying power is good. A spritz or two is enough, so this small bottle that I have would last me for months. If you want something light and fruity-floral that leaves a beautiful, romantic impression then I would recommend checking this out.

And the bottle is just wow! Created with Henry de Monclin, the bottle is a true reflection of the precious ultra feminine fragrance. The bottle is round and faceted like a pink diamond. I love how the letter "P" with a crown on top has been engraved on the silver cap, and with a glittering ring of pink jewels below. Truly elegant and very royal-like.

And guess what, you get this cute watch with every qualifying purchase. What a great gift idea for your special someone, your girl friend of even for yourself for this coming Christmas season.

Are these babies cute or what!?

Paris Hilton Dazzle is exclusively distributed by Prestige Brands Philippines and are available in the following sizes:

Php1950 / 30ml, Php2600 / 50ml and Php3350 / 125ml

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Unknown said...

cute! <3

Crystal Gale said...

haha I like her too. She is very smart, actually, coz instead of shying away because of her scandals, she used all those publicity to market herself and her brands :)

Wow! I love that perfume...very nice packaging and I liked vanilla with powdery scents :)

Issa said...

the packaging is nice and it looks like it smells nice too! :)

Alex Lapa said...

LOL! Paris Hilton songs are also my guilty pleasure. People can say what they want about her, but I hear her fragrances are good. One of my best becky friends always buys her stuff and he smells gooood.


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