Thursday, December 6, 2012

Early Christmas Gifts...

It's 19 days before Christmas and yet, everyday's becoming more like Christmas morning! 
 Thanks to our friends from Beauty Box Corp. and Bobbi Brown for these awesome gifts:

 from Beauty Box Corp.:

K-Palette 1 Day Lash Perm Mascara

I've been reading a lot of raves about this, and I'm glad I was given a chance to try it myself!

Oh yes, more mascaras!  This time, Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascaras.  

I only have a pair of eyes, but na-ah, I am not gonna get enough of mascaras!

K-Palette Eyeliner in a super sharp felt tip! 

And of course, the Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream.  I am leaning more into BB creams these days, and this one's got me all excited.  I had to set aside my Laneige Cushion BB for a while so I can roadtest this baby!

And from Bobbi Brown:

Black Pearl eyeshadow palette

Their palettes never fail to amaze me!

Eyeshadow curler

So I guess it's time to put my dear Shu lash curler to rest to give way to this new baby!

Creamy Matte lipcolor in Crushed Plum

I am not into dark shades of lipsticks, but I am thinking that I am so gonna love this one!

Watch out for my reviews and looks using these soon!  Again, thanks to Beautybox Corp and Bobbi Brown. I definitely feel the love!

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Kim said...

I'm so envious. I want the Kpalette products!!! Plus the Bobbi palette :p

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

Wow! Luckyyy~ What a Christmas present!

Barbie said...

Lucky you! Been wanting to try those 1-day tattoo for the longest time! Hoping to see your future reviews for these products Ms Brigitte :)

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