Saturday, January 5, 2013

Coming Soon from Bobbi Brown...

I am pretty sure you've heard of retouching powders already.   But most of the retouching powders we know are just like our usual pressed (or blot) powders that comes in the same shade as our skin tone.  So I'm pretty sure you'd be happy to know that Bobbi Brown is releasing these retouching powders that won't only perfect, but also correct your skin.  The result? Airbrushed-looking skin.

These babies are not yet available for sale and yet, I am already sold. 

Watch out for these together with their first makeup collection for 2013 this coming February
Excited?  I AM!

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Unknown said...

wats a retouching powder

Unknown said...

I love the retouching powders! They're like a "magic wand", delivering a seamless finish through their delicate veil. <3 Em

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