Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year, my loves!

Hello!  So how's the first days of 2013 been treating you?  I know the vacation's a bit bitin most especially to those who had to come to work right after the Christmas, but we still have to be thankful that at least we got a break, though short.  I had a blast with my family, and for the first time, we celebrated Christmas Day and the New Years eve with my mom's siblings and our cousins, and their kids.  'twas magulo, but super FUN!

But yeah, we all have to go back to work. It sucks, I know...but hey, at least we have the means to earn moolah that we can use in our future celebrations. Right!?

So what are you excited about this year?  In my case, I have lots.  I have a lot of things I am planning to achieve this year and hopefully the procrastinator in me will go away, and never come back. (laughs)

Here's one thing I am excited about and the reason why I've been waiting for new year:

my BDJ planner!

Oh yes, I've been waiting for months to finally be able to use this.  I've been using BDJ planners in the past and oh boy, am I glad this one's not as bulky as the previous ones.  

...PAK na PAK!  This is just one of the helpful words of wisdom inside. The planner also has inspiring quotes to live by every week.  

Whatever type of planner user you are, the BDJ planner has got you covered!

Here's some of the great things you can see inside:

Dream Board
With our busy schedules, it's just so easy to lose track of the things we want in life.  To keep us focused of the things we want to achieve, we can use this section as a visual board of what we want in life.  I'll be pasting my "goals" in the next few days, and just thinking about it makes me all giddy.

If you're not into visual boards, feel free to jot down your goals in this section instead:

2013 Checklist
It's a list of 90 things you can try doing for this year (if you haven't done so!)  Trust me, it's fun (and fulfilling) once you get to tick an item from the list.  I've gone through the list and was able to check some boxes already.  I have a long list to go, but no worries, I have the entire year!

Menstrual Tracker
I've been tracking mine with my phone calendar.  This year, I vow to do it in my planner.  With all the months on a single page, it's easier to track.  And well, no incidents of my doctor seeing other "events" on my calendar.

Gift List
With this section, I can now plan (and save) for the things I would want to give as gifts.

Vacation Planner
Organizing and planning for a vacation is a lot easier with this section.  Write here anything about your dream vacation: where, when, with whom, what to do, what to bring, etc.

There are also useful articles with great tips!

Writing on the planner is easy with its Weekly Layout Feature.  There are special boxes for errands, tasks, random thoughts and a lot more.  

Bills and Cash Flow Tracker
Keep track of your expenses and make sure that despite your spending, you are still on target when it comes to your savings.

And of course, my!

Also, the BDJ 2013 Planner already comes with the Belle de Jour lifestyle card.  This serves as a membership card to gain access to all BDJ events this 2013.  And of course, discounts and promotions from their lifestyle brand partners. 

How about you, what planner are you using for this year?  

I'm pretty sure you can still grab this awesome planner from all leading bookstores nationwide.  It's not too late to grab one!  To know more about Belle de Jour, please like them on Facebook.

Happy New Year again, everyone!  Let's claim that this year's going to be great.

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Kristina said...

What a beautiful planner! I need to go and get one! You say almost all popular book stores would have this?

Unknown said...

aww i love reading and writing this planner is great cause it's like having a magazine in a notebook, i might get this soon

Unknown said...

I'm a fan of this planner too! It's so engaging to personalize and big enough to take planning your year seriously. It's included in my December favorites post for so many reasons :)

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