Friday, January 11, 2013

Looks: Neutrals (for the nth time!)


Are you excited for the weekend?  Me, sort of!  Well, I still have to work on Saturday but on Sunday, I'll be with my family for a trip up North!  Dig this, we'll leave early morning and hear mass in Manaoag then we'll go up to Baguio for...lunch! (laughs) And then we'll drive back home and on Monday, I'll be back to Manila.  Crazy, right? But I'm excited!  It's been a while since we've last gone to Baguio.  We don't have much time hence, we can't spend at least an overnight there, but since Manaoag is just a 2hr drive to Baguio, we might as well do it.   I'd be sleeping during the trip anyways so, I'll be fine...I think!?

By the way, I'm glad you like my previous look.  So now, we're back to my (boring) neutrals...

Revlon Photoready Correcting Primer
Kate Mineral liquid foundation
Kate Mineral foundation powder
Shiseido Camellia compact blush
Sleek face contour kit in Medium

K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow
In2it brow powder
NYX HD eyebase
From the Naked 2 palette: Booty Call + Half Baked (lid), Tease + Blackout (outer-V and crease)
K-Palette Lasting Eyeliner 
Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lengthening mascara

MAC l/s in Peachstock
Revlon l/s in Soft Nude

I've been neglecting my Naked 2 palette for a long time and I'm pretty sure that though it can't talk (or throw stuff at me), it hates me na because I haven't been giving it some love.  

Look at my hair, I had no idea how I managed to grow it this long!  I think the last time I had my hair this long was way back in highschool!  Now I am beginning to feel bored with it, but I don't want to cut it short yet.  I'm considering getting it curled.  What do you think? Should I?  Can you also recommend some good salons where I can have it done? I'm not sure if I want to go to those Korean salons, as I might not be able to tell them clearly what I want. I want big, loose curls..I need some body on my hair.  It's been always like this..boring!   


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The Beauty Junkee said...

Yes! Glowing na glowing mars!

Jen W said...

Love this!

Kati said...

I absolutely adore the first pair!

Lizzie said...

Blooming ka, sister. :)

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