Thursday, January 10, 2013

Product Review: Etude House Lip and Eye Remover

Don't worry, won't end up losing either your lips or your eyes when you use this!  They just forgot the "makeup" part...maybe.

Anyways, so I went home to the province for the holidays and I left my Bioderma there.  I know I still have tons of makeup removers here in Manila (Shu, Revlon, Dove..) but I usually prefer using an eye makeup remover, then my trusted Ponds cold cream and then tissue off everything.  You know I still believe in "pasma" (how do you say that in Tagalog?) so I'd like to rest my face for a while before finally washing with water. But when I'm in a hurry or if I sort of know that I'd be dozing off to sleep right away, I'd use my oil cleansers. 

Knowing that I left my trusted Bioderma, I knew I had to buy a temporary alternative.  I went around SM Department Store, saw an Etude counter and accidentally saw this while checking out their brow mascara.  They have a lot of makeup removers, some are only intended for mascaras.  Of course, I'll get the one that could give me greater value for my moolah, so I got this:

Etude Lip & Eye (Makeup) Remover
Gently, yet effective, this double formulated lip & eye (makeup, sorry I can't help it! LoL) remover easily and instantly dissolves all traces of makeup for a soothing and moisturizing effect on the sensitive eye and lip area without any irritation.

It has two layers of solution: clear and bluish-green.  I've read that this one has changed its packaging, or maybe the formulation? Because previously, it's a lot bluer and the blue part is on top. While now, it became bluish-green and the colored part is now at the bottom.  

Anyways, like any other bi-layer solutions, you are supposed to shake it like crazy and make sure that the two layers mix.  I'm glad that this one comes in a plastic bottle, or else, I might have broken it the first time I got my hands on it.  Yes, I am lousy like that!

Now let's see if this stuff really works:

there's my eye with full-makeup on.  And you know me, I like everything waterproof!

I pour a small amount on a cotton pad... it on the eye area, let it stay there for a minute

...and then gently slide the cotton downwards.  Go back and gently wipe off the remaining makeup if needed.

and voila!

oh yes, this baby can remove everything!

No blurry vision, no oily residue after. just cleansed peepers! I've also used it on my lips when I wore the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipstick and I wasn't able to taste anything.  And no, I don't have colds! (laughs)  It didn't even taste like oil.  Parang, wala lang.

The best part?  It's cheap.  Only Php198 for a 100ml bottle.

So yeah, instead of being just temporary, this one's going to be a staple.


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Sie Cajilig said...

So cool! Thanks for the review! Off to Etude House! >X3

Pastel Kisses,
Sie Cajilig

Hollie said...

I tried the Etude Makeup Remover last year and I didn't like it. This might be a reformulated version. Will test it out again. ^_^

Unknown said...

i agree with hollie i tried it last year din pero d ko din nagustuhan. pro ill give this a second chance.haha!
bakit kaya d nila lagyan ng *makeup* hirap ba itype yun.ahaha

Azaza said...

I always did love that make up remover but it doesn't remove waterproof mascara that well as the pink one they have

Issa said...

wow, this makeup remover really does wonders! gotta check this out :)

Unknown said...

Looks very promising! I'll try that nga after I finish my L'oreal gentle lip and eye makeup remover because that one from EH is cheaper :) and yes, lip and eye remover? haha lol! they changed the formulation but did not bother to correct the label haha!

btw, can you do a tutorial for your nail art in that photo? love the design :)

Beauty Colada

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I just checked your blog and I will be purchasing the new All Finish Pearl & Mascara Remover from Etude! I am so excited to try this out!! Thank you for the recomendation and I hope you can check my blog as well!

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