Friday, January 4, 2013

Product Review: Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream

I know BB Creams are so yesterday, and CC creams are "IN" nowadays...or at least will be, soon (please see Liz's feature on it here).  But please let me share my review on the BB cream that I've been using, and surprisingly liking so much as of the moment, that I've been reaching out for it a lot more often that my other foundations.

Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream

Produced by Mayumi Yasutomo, a newcaster who desired to have a product that will make her skin look flawless while on camera.  This shine-free, oil-free and waterproof product was the perfect solution.  The product itself has a lightweight formula allowing you to apply the amount of layer you would like without feeling like your skin is being weighed down.  Micro-gold pearl hides scars and freckles.  Soft-focus powder uses light diffusion not to show wrinkles and makes skin smooth.  Cover with thin film, and protect from dry and rough skin.

I love that it comes in an easy-to-squeeze bullet-like shape and that it can stand on a dresser on its own.  Packaging is matte white with pink, which is cute but I wish it comes in another color instead of white.  It gets dirty easily.  Or maybe it's just me. I think I have to learn to wipe my fingers clean first before squeezing more product out of it.

Unlike other BB creams that I've tried, this one comes with a sponge that's attached to a nozzle underneath.  The nozzle allows a steady, controllable stream of product.  The good thing about it is that you can actually detach the sponge from the nozzle, which is a lot better because sponge applicators tend to get soaked with product and yet, never makes it on your face.  With the sponge, you'll never get to see how much product you're squeezing out of the tube.  And I hate that I need to wash the sponge every so often to avoid bacteria build up that would lead to breakouts!  (geesh, I already am a walking pimple)

Here's an illustration of how you can unscrew the sponge so you can wash it:

Now for the swatch:

It comes in two shades only: Light Ochre and Ochre.  I'm using Light Ochre.  

It goes lighter at first, but REALLY blends into the skin after.

and see how it fares on my skin:

(scars, and more scars)

My face after a layer of the BB cream.  Look how it helped conceal most of my redness.  For this photo, I've applied the cream using the sponge.  I've applied another layer to better conceal the areas that need more...meaning, my entire face!

and here's me after the rest of my makeup has been applied:

Take note that I've applied Kuma concealer on my undereyes and on the sides of my nose, and lightly set everything with L'oreal True Match pressed powder.

I love:
- that it conceals most of my redness in just one layer. Another layer and my look's almost flawless
- how it brightens my skin and makes me look glowing...not shiny!
- that it feels light on the skin
- that I haven't experienced any breakouts after weeks of using it
- that it stays put the entire day, with minimal blotting.  I used it one time when I had to run on errands almost the whole day and it still looked good after all the sweating and blotting!
- that it's easy to blend, with the sponge or with fingers or with a brush.  And that it gives you option to remove the sponge to make it more hygienic
- has no SPF so it's camera-friendly.  but of course, I still put on sunblock before this.  yep, no primer!
- it's yellow-toned! So bye, gray cast!
- that it's great for oily-skinned like me!

I wish:
- that it comes in more shades
- that the packaging comes in another color, instead of white.  Or at least, make it a lot easier to clean after. 
- that it doesn't come in Php1550 pricetag.  But a little goes a long way, and this stuff is amazing.  And yes, amazing stuff comes with a price.

Overall, I am liking this BB cream and will be getting a backup in a few more weeks.  This is one good stuff that I wouldn't want to run out of.  It works like my other foundations without the heavy-feel and since it's a BB cream, it has amazing skincare stuff in it too!

Get this and other Fairydrops items from Beauty Bar.  I really hope it comes in other shades so more people would be able to experience how great this is.  

Please like Fairydrops Philippines on Facebook to know more about this product and their other products.

Have a happy Friday, y'all!

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Unknown said...

thnk u for the honest review and d before and after pics. im stil trying to find d courage ro photograph my uneetouched face. oh pla do a post on nose contouring. btw i love ur make up ang galing galing

Iambrigitte said...

hi Miz Eloise, i got used to it na ata hahaha. as for the nose contouring tut, i already did one..kaso i haven't edited it. hihi will upload soon! thanks for reading my blog ;)

Lizzie said...

Happy new year, hun! :)

The name of the product made me so curious. :) Fairy Drops looks promising.

Camille Santos said...

i want to try bb creams ulit.super break out ako this past months.ang hirap at ang gastos.have you tried the kanebo bb cream?

AskMeWhats said...

Hi sis, super love ko ang BB Cream na to sayo and I love it too! Each time I use it, laging may nag cocomment na maayos daw skin ko ! :D

Nanabeams said...

I have been curious about this product. It is really expensive compared to other bb creams. I might try it out! I wish it had SPF though.

Novel Ideation said...

Please let me know how the Kanebo Freshel bb cream is~~ =)

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