Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Product Review: K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner Micro

It's been months since I've reviewed the K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner (see here), and would you believe I've never used any other eyeliner as much as I've used it?  I've finished 3 pens (2 black, 1 brown) already...and would definitely keep on buying again.  I just love its ease of application and it's staying power.  I simply can't imagine my (makeup) life without it.  Oh dear god of makeup, please don't let this awesome stuff go away..ever.

Okay, drop the drama.

Now, I am reviewing another eyeliner from K-Palette...and so far, this has got to be the eyeliner with the most micro felt-tip I've ever seen.  

see how fine it is?

and here's me with my most favorite word to write whenever I'm testing pens...eyeliners included:


And so I remember way back in school, when I wouldn't mind writing pages of research papers as long as I'm using Pilot G Tec C4 gel pens. Now, I realized that those days might have been some sort of Deja Vu.  What do you think?

Anyways, here's the felt tip of K-Palette's Real Lasting Eyeliner...the original one:

and here's to compare the two:

Top:  Micro
Bottom:  Original

By the way, I'm using the limited edition of the first eyeliner:

See how cute it is in pink?

Too bad, the micro version only comes in Black.  But I don't worry much, as I prefer my liner to be really black.  

Every little thing I love in the original K-Palette is still in this micro-version.  But if there's one thing I love more about this, it is how I can draw a super thin line on the inner corner of my eye.  I love how I can start with a super fine line and build it into the thickness I want.  Flicking is a lot easier too, and the best part is, mistakes are a lot less noticeable because it's too thin.

Here's me trying to do a naturally-lined eye makeup, but failed because I can't help but do the wing...LoL!

Still priced at Php895, and probably a bit expensive for an eyeliner (if compared to other drugstore and local brands), I'd still prefer this one over any other eyeliner anytime of the day.  This would probably be an absolute HG for me til the end of time.

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