Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Product Review: Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipsticks

Remember when I said during this post that I saw more new stuff at Revlon counters?  One of them is their new line of lipsticks, the Colorstay Ultimate Suede! I know I still have a lot of makeup that I still have to try, but I just got too excited so I got myself one.  Trust me, just one!

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede 

According to the Revlon site, this lipstick:
- gives instant moisture
- is long-wearing
- has a velvety, soft suede finish with moisturizing shea butter and alone
- is food proof (probably means it doesn't transfer?)
- and is available in 20 shades

First thing I've noticed about it is its packaging.  I love how the packaging matches the actual shade of the lippie.  It makes "digging" to look for a lippie in your makeup bin a lot easier!

Like the other lipsticks from Revlon, the shade name and number can also be found at the base of the packaging.  

I'm pretty sure by now you know already that I am not into lipsticks in "loud" colors.  And I'm sure you'd say "but that's not yet loud, dear!" Well, anything darker than my HG MAC lippie in Peachstock is already loud for me!  But this year, I'm gonna try to change yes, I'll try to wear lippies with more color!

Here's the swatch:

and see how it looks on my lips:

(oh dear, loud eyes + loud lips = ^_^)

What I like:
- the instant moisture it gives.  I naturally have dry lips and with this lipstick, I don't have to use lipbalm underneath and/or a lipgloss on top.  But this feeling doesn't stay long, more of that later...
- it applies sheer, but color is buildable
- it's creamy-balm texture that applies with ease that dries to a "suede" finish that looks like matte, but with a bit of sheen so it doesn't look flat
- it doesn't transfer or wear-off when I eat or drink
- the packaging that matches the actual shade of the lipstick
- after almost 12hrs, my lips still has a bit of stain but....

 (look below)

ack, my lips look old!

Unfortunately, after it sets, my lips started to feel dry and the same time, sticky.  Weird, no? Probably, applying a lip balm underneath could've helped with the dryness but I'm not sure what to do with the tacky, sticky feeling.  It doesn't feel heavy on the lips, though it certainly feels like my lips has been coated with something...and I didn't like it.  I know what suede is and I usually try to stay away from such finishes most especially in shoes, and if this is how it's supposed to feel on my lips, then I think I would've to stay away from these as well.


 But as you can see, the color's still there...and so far, this is the longest-wearing lippie I've tried. I actually had to use a lip makeup remover! The others have dried my lips too, but I made it work by applying gloss whenever I'd start to feel like my lips are cracking.  So maybe, I can still like this lipstick after all.  Besides, I wouldn't want my Php575 to go down the drain just like that.

Would I repurchase?  
No.  I actually prefer their Kissable Balm Stains over these. 

How about you, have you tried these?
Lemme know!

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Michelle said...

No amount of balm helped this to feel anything but gross. The color was lovely but the feel was AWFUL and made every single crease in my lips stand out. :(

Hollie said...

it's the first time I've seen this. I guess I finally have to give the Revlon kissable balm stains a try. hehe

Anonymous said...

I have the liquid lipsticks and though I haven't tried these, I think the tackiness could be similar. I think it's the ColorStay formula! It won't transfer on your cups—but at a price!

Sharina said...

Eek, sayang! Looks good on you pa naman :) Im happy with the Revlon Balm Stains though so I guess stick nalang ako don when it comes to Revlon lip products!

Jen W said...

Oh what a shame about the dryness, looks pretty on you though

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