Monday, January 7, 2013

Product Review (+ short tutorial): Revlon Shadow Sticks

The smokey eyes makeup look has got to be one of the easiest to do.  Usually, you just need two shades:  the lighter shade from the lash line up to just below the brow bone (or a bit over the crease area) and the darker shade from the lash line up to the crease. 

Now, Revlon made it a lot easier.  With their new Smoky Shadow Sticks, you won't even have to worry what shades to use because the shades on each stick are expertly coordinated.

Revlon Smoky Shadow Sticks
Expertly coordinated shades blends perfectly for a smokey eye that lasts.  Wears for up to 12hrs, and doesn't crease, fade or smudge all day.  
Here's the swatches of two sticks that I have and a sample look I came up with:

Revlon Shadow Stick in Atomic

Revlon Shadow Stick in Flare

What I like:
Easy to use, you don't even need a brush to blend. It's like using crayons on your eyes! ^_^
Packaging is travel-friendly, and is an absolute makeup kit-space saver! Imagine no need to bring two different shades of eyeshadow and brushes.
The retractable packaging actually works.  I hate those kinds where you won't be able to retract the stuff back into the tube just in case you've swivelled out too product.
Shades are well-coordinated
They really stay put, I've applied my eye makeup in the morning and 9hrs after, there's only a bit of creasing visible.  And take note, I didn't use a primer!
Can be used as a great base for eyeshadows in the same shade

What I didn't like:
The lighter shade has a drier texture, and a little bit patchy.  Aside from that, it lacks pigmentation.  I had to reapply a few more layers for it to come out.  
It creases, but just a bit
The tips break off easily.  So don't pop too much product out and get easy on applying

Here's a short tutorial on how I use it:

If you're just starting with makeup and would want to pull off an easy smokey eye look, then these babies are for you.  Those with really oily lids might have to consider wearing a primer underneath.  I have oily lids and it creased a bit on me.  

Would I re-purchase?  
I am going to get Torch soon, because the colors on it are lovely..great for simple, neutral looks!  I got these as a gift (thanks Revlon!) but I'll update this post once I know the price.

So what do you think? Are these something you'd want to get?
Happy Monday, everyone!

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Unknown said...

the looks are great!

Unknown said...

oh ueah im getting dat in green, nakikiuso lng s 2013. its a good beginner product. i used to have ever ever bilena cream shadow kya lng ang hirap inlend. speaking of revlon, nasan n un cream dhadow palette nila?

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