Saturday, February 2, 2013

AVON Holiday Collection Makeup Palette: Swatches, Review + FOTD..

Can you believe it's February already!?  Time flies sooo fast, and before you know it, it's Christmas time again!  (laughs)  Anyhoo, I bet you were able to get some of your favorite things as gifts during the holidays.  I was able to get a number of gifts last Christmas and would you believe they kept pouring in until January?  Thanks to our dear friends for sending me some love!

For today, I want to show you this makeup palette that I got from our dear friends from AVON and Ogilvy:

AVON Holiday Collection Makeup Palette

This palette has 8 shimmery eyeshadows and 2 blushes, one is matte and the other one's shimmery.

Looking at this palette  made me remember that my first makeup palette actually came from Avon.  And why not?  I mean, Avon is such a household name and it's been like that for years!  I remember saving a part of my allowance to buy myself stuff from our dear Avon lady.  Ohh, I remember my first perfume...Sweet Honesty!

Now, let's check out the swatches:

Too bad the shades aren't labelled.  But I can say that the color selection is good.  I particularly love the blue, the olive green and the gold. I just wish the palette comes with a black eyeshadow too! I love using black to give more definition to the eyes. All the colors can be used on its own too.  Just add a liner and then a mascara, and you're good!  I don't find them powdery, but if you do, try applying in a patting motion.  The blushes are nice too. If you find the pink one, too pink, apply it lightly and you can put the shimmery blush on top for more dimension. 

The palette comes with these two brushes:

blush brush - eyeshadow brush

I confess that I usually hate the brushes that come with makeup palettes.  I usually throw them away.  In this palette's case, well, I was able to use the eyeshadow brush...but not the blush brush which I initially thought to be a blending brush, because I find it too small to be used to apply blush.  I still prefer using my own brushes.

As for the packaging, I love that it comes in black.  But again, I have this wish that it comes with a mirror too!    And while the packaging looks sleek, I always have a hard time opening it.  I chipped my nails twice while trying to open it.  

And here's a sample look I was able to come up with:

I used the yellow and the green on the left side of the palette, and black (from my Beauty Pro palette). 

Take note I didn't use any primer underneath...and the good news? It still looked okay more than 8hrs after.  It did crease a bit, but nothing that a good 'ole smudging using your finger won't be able to take care of.  

I don't think this palette's still available.  But if you have this, and haven't been able to use it, please do.  Overall, I am liking this palette and I'm pretty sure you would too!  

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Gellie Abogado said...

Sayang naman it isn't available na. But it looks nice nga and same with your case, I don't use brushes na kasama sa mga palettes. Hehe. I prefer the brushes I have. Look at the blush brush na lang for example na kasama dyan. Hehe :)

Unknown said...

I love the colours and the pigmentation! Also you have really nice eyebrows!!

Unknown said...

Highligher ba yung isang blush

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