Monday, February 4, 2013

From straight, to curly...

For months, no..make that years, I've been contemplating of getting my hair curled.  I have had straight hair almost all my life. Almost because I remember my dear Aunt giving me some curls as one  of their activities in a cosmetology school eons ago.  That was the first and also thought to be the last time I'll see myself having curly hair.  Yes, I want to have my hair curled..but was just too chicken to have it done.  

Thanks to a few people who urged (and cheered) me to finally get it done.  Besides, this is the year when I told myself I'd be ticking off items in my bucket list.  And yes, going curly is one of them.

I've read a lot of reviews on salons that are said to be good in doing digiperms.  But the reviews, which are mostly good, about this salon won me over...

And so, me-myself and I made a trip to probably one, if not the best salon who does digital perming:


The staff are so courteous, and I love that they didn't mind when I texted them that I might be running late for my appointment.  They even replied "You take care, and see you!"

The salon is simple, but I so love the drawings on the walls.  I kinda wished I could have the same in my own room some day. I was told to sit down for a while and though it did take longer than I expected, I was just too giddy looking around and seeing customers having their hair done. There were two customers who left while I was waiting and with the big smile on their faces, I knew that they are just too happy with the result.  That made me all excited, but that immediately changed to being nervous when I was then called to have my hair shampoo'd.

(okay, I didn't know my nostrils are that big!)

my hair's being sectioned and readied for Mr. Shin to check

Yes, that's Mr. Shin...the famous, Mr. Shin.

I was told that the ends are a bit damaged, so he chopped an inch off.  I was kinda expecting that already, though.

Time for the treatment...

I forgot if they rinsed my hair after the treatment, but I remember getting a blowdry first before Mr. Shin started getting my hair into those curlers.  By the way, he used a combination of medium and large-sized curlers.

Now it's time to have me (I mean my hair) connected to that octopus-looking gadget...

I look pissed off here...but seriously, I'm not.  
Mukhang mataray lang po talaga.

Fifteen minutes after, they finally took out the wires and the curlers..

I almost shrieked when I saw how curly my hair is.  OMG, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  Gosh, ayaw ko po ng super kinky curls!  And then I was told that it was not the final look, as they would still need to soak my hair in a neutralizer solution.  (Sorry, I'm that clueless when it comes to lang ang peg!)

(promise me Kuya, it won't be that kinky ha!?)

I may be smiling, but I was really nervous!

Okay, more waiting....

After less half an hour, my hair was then again rinsed and then blow-dried:

They gave me tips on how to style and maintain my curls.  I was practically nodding all the time, but I honestly can't remember everything.  (laughs)  I was just too nervous, praying that my new look would suit me.

Goldilocks, istatchu!?

I thought this is how my hair should look like everyday until Mr. Shin approached me and ran his fingers on my hair.  A few more pointers and then I was told that I'm done.

See those drawings?  Perhaps I should let Mom see this pic...I want these caricatures in my room!

And this is how my hair looked when I got home 4 hours after I left the salon:

And this is how it looked the following day.  I already washed it but didn't use a shampoo yet.  I just used a conditioner, as I was instructed.

So what do you think?  Does my new 'do suit me?  It's been more than a week since I got these curls and honestly, I am still trying to get the hang of it.  I am loving it, but there are times when I would still miss my straight hair.  Whoever said that curly hair is wash and wear, is such a big FAT LIAR!  (laughs)  It is not!  Geesh, I am yet to find the hair product suited for permed hair that I won't find either too sticky or makes my hair look and feel stiff.  

There would be times when I would pass by a mirror and would find myself getting a second look if it's really me.  People say I look different,  but most people say they love this look better.  I don't know...I look different, yes...probably I look more maarte than I already am.  Sometimes when I wake up with curls everywhere, I would tell myself I look like a porn star.  Bwahahha...

By the way, I think my hair on the right side is less curly than my left.  Probably I should call the salon and ask if I could have it checked?  Geesh, I never thought I'd be this maarte when it comes to my hair.  But don't get me wrong...I don't regret getting a perm. Not yet.

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AskMeWhats said...

bagay sayo sis, it's a nice change! di ba dati mo pa gustong magpakulot? This is it pansit na! :D Love love love the natural waves and the super curly curl for special occasions :D Can't wait to see you!

redshoetraveller said...

I agree bagay na bagay sa'yo! I had my hair curled a year ago too...and yer right, it's not wash and wear! Took me an awful lot of prepping time before I get out of the house. Now I'm back to straight hair and I'm kinda loving it more. :)

Gellie Abogado said...

Super gorgeous, I tell you! Inspirasyon! I will grow my hair na and have it permed din. *ENVY*

Azaza said...

It looks really nice, it kinda softens your features in my opinion

Unknown said...

gusto ko ren tlga mag pa perm YEARS na din haha!!! but i always put my hair up due to my job :(
geez! bagay as in!

Anonymous said...

It looks so much better po than your straight hair. :) Super bagay! Now I want to get my hair permed narin. Nyay!

miemiemie said...

Yay, finally you got it permed! I've been dying to get mine done back in the philippines, lalo na nauso na mga korean salons. However, I feel like masyado high maintenance eh gusto ko pa man din wash and wear hairdo. My mom had her hair done twice na and she told me she uses this sort of serum or cream to tame the curls. Pag kasi wala daw nun, mukhang frizzy.

Novel Ideation said...

Your hair looks so natural and beautiful! ^^

Unknown said...

Yay! Your curls looks natural and bouncy. I recently had my hair permed as well but the curls are more intact and my hair is shorter :)

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