Monday, February 4, 2013

Karat World celebrates the Love Month with the Forever My Love collection...

It's February..and you know what that means.  It's the LOVE month! By now lovers are pretty much busy preparing for Valentines day. For sure, great date spots have long been fully booked.  But of course, that shouldn't stop you from giving the love of your life a great time.  There's a lot of other ways to make her or him loved.  A candle-lit dinner over a good home-cooked meal is one, a movie-night at home is another.  Be creative, and have fun. 

Now, for those who are looking for gifts that would symbolize your love and devotion to your loved ones, Karat World brings you the Forever My Love collection:

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Forever My Love features a line up of products of beautifully-crafted 14K white gold rings, pendants and earrings shaped as artful hearts.  Each piece is adorned with shimmering high quality zircon studs, adding a touch of brilliance to every sentiment.  It features designs for all manners of taste, ranging from simple bold heart pendants with a bouquet of high quality zircon studs at the center, to rings with interlocking stylized hearts.  Surely, the collection was created with every lovestruck individual's special someone in mind, making for thoughtful gifts and heartfelt expressions of love.  

Now, that's gift-hunting made easier for you by Karat World.  Geesh, just looking at the gorgeous designs in the collection already makes my heart melt. I would totally envy those who'll get any of these as a V-day gift!  

What's even greater is that each item in the collection is available at a significant discount off its regular price.  

Karat World is also having a special promotion with their La Promesse bracelet (featured in the teleserye A Beautiful Affair):

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