Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mini-loot from Forever 21...

It's midweek alreaddyyyy, yay!  Two more days and it's....another work weekend.  Sniff. Anyhoo, I just want to show you my latest loot from Forever 21.  I haven't been shopping for clothes lately since I still want to lose some pounds first.  So whenever I drop by the store, I don't go beyond their accessories section.

I know, I'm way too old for this kind of necklace! But I don't care...besides, I sometimes think and act like a teenager!  And it's cute. 

I think I want my name on a pendant too!

I think this one's for pa-cute moments.

And this one, I really love:

I think I'm over my "cross pendant" -phase.  Now I want hearts!  (And not just because it's the love month ha).  I want a heart locket pendant in real gold.  But just thinking about how much it would cost me, makes me realize I'll be okay with these kind of accessories for the mean time.  

So cute di ba?  I wish they won't tarnish quickly though!

How about you, what's your recent loot from Forever 21?

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Micmic's Corner said...

I <3 the first and third one. So cute eh? :)

AskMeWhats said...

ay type ko lahat! :) super cute uy..nag shopping ka ulit ha :D

redshoetraveller said...

I love the LOVE necklace! :)

Unknown said...


SM said...

Cutesies! Lahat nakakatempt suotin! love t!

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