Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Steampod Experience...

It's been almost a month since I had my hair permed.  And honestly, I got sort of discouraged after just a few days.  My hair got dry and though it has more volume now, it looks dull.  My hair  used to be really limp, but it's shiny.  So yeah, after less than a week, I started to feel like I did a wrong move of getting a perm.  I actually thought of getting a haircut na lang, but thanks to an invite from our friends from Castro PR and L'oreal Professionnel PH to try out the Steampod, which is said to the next big thing in hair care!

So here's me taking a before photo of my lifeless, gulo-gulo hair:

and now, L'oreal Professionnel and Rowenta bring you the Steampod:

So what is Steampod?  It's the newest revolutionary hairstyling tool that two pioneering hair experts L'oreal and Rowenta came up with after 5 years of research. It's the first ever heat and high pressure steam iron that also treats the hair while smoothing.  Cool huh!?

Here's to compare how different (and amazing) Steampod is when compared with the standard hair iron:

I used to iron my hair also and each time, my hair would feel stiff most especially at the ends.  It straightens my hair, yes but, there's no texture and movement.  Steampod promises all that: hair that's smoothened, straighter, shinier, silkier and with movement!

So how does Steampod work?
It delivers a continuous stream of pressurized steam from an in-built steam generator.  It also uses purified water for the steam to assure you of healthy, shiny hair.    The steam works to: 1) Gently open the cuticle to deliver the treatment into the core 2) Gradually heat the hear while preventing heat shock to prevent cuticle damage and 3) Smooth down the cuticle and seal the ends for a flawless finish.

Steampod can be used for two special services:  

Keratin Steam Bond, works like the usual rebond but this one uses Steampod (of course) and Pro-Keratin.

Keratin Steam Care, first steam-activated hair treatment with Pro-Keratin for that frizz-free looking hair that can last up to three days!  This is best for those with normal or sensitive hair.

And since I just got a perm a few days before, and I don't have any plans of getting my straight hair back anytime soon (see, I am that confused!) I decided to go for Steam Care.

First, my hair is washed to get the grime off.  

And then this treatment was sprayed onto my hair.

and then here's what I've been waiting for...the actual Steampod experience on my hair!


Suddenly, I missed my straight hair!

Now that my hair cuticles have opened, it's time for the hair mask.  

It was left on for a good 15 minutes before I got my hair washed again.

And now it's time to get back those curls.  The people at Bench Fix Glorietta are so amazing!  I love how they worked on giving me luscious curls!


Thanks again for the people behind this great event!

And here's my before and after photo:

Nice, bouncy curls...and not to mention, shinyyyy!

and here's how it looked like the next day.  yep, I didn't wash my hair!

Gaaah, I want those curls!

Join the Steam Revolution now!  Visit the nearest Bench Fix salon and try out the Steampod hair services.  

Keratin Steam Care
(Php1500 short/Php2500 long)

Keratin Steam Bond
(Php6000 short/Php7500 long)

Pricey, but oh-so worth it. Promise!

And oh, I heard the retail version of Steampod will be available soon. Are you excited?  Well, I am.  I actually started saving piso a day so I can buy my own Steampod soon!  Errr,  or not too soon.  (laughs)

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miemiemie said...

Galing naman. Mahal yan for sure. Lol. I miss getting my hair done sa pinas, mas mura.. dito ang mahal. Haircut costs like getting treatment na diyan.

Jenniya said...

I love your bouncy curls! Very shiny pa.

Anonymous said...

Steampod really does a great job! And oh! That's the curl that I've been longing for. The kind of messy large curls. :) (next day photo.)

AskMeWhats said...

Super love the curls they gave you! parang cute na goldilocks! MISSHU

Unknown said...

Anyone ..san po kya nkkbili ng steampod ?pls anyone pls txt me 09158167587..tnx u guys 😉

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