Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Repost: Sweet Pea and Fay's Liquid Lipsticks...

Hiyee!  How have you been?  I'm so sorry for the lack of posts these past few weeks.  As usual, work is draining me so much that I can't even open my laptop to blog when I get home.  I do have a lot of pictures, even some videos (wink) to share so stay tuned. 

Anyways, I am reposting these swatches of the Sweet Pea and Fay's liquid lipsticks.  Pictures didn't do justice on how pigmented they are when I posted the swatches here.  It wasn't my fault though, it was my camera's!  (laughs)   So for the second time around, here are the swatches taken under natural light:

Looks coral-ish on the swatch, but turned pinkish on my lips. 

Too nude for me so I'll be mixing this with a brighter shade.

Ahh, my ultimate favorite. I love how it instantly brightens my whole look!

An alternative to my MAC Peachstock!

I've read this is the best-selling shade abroad...but I find it too light on me. I honestly look drained of blood!

Another fave.  This looks like Penelope but lighter. So methinks I can recreate this shade by mixing Penelope with Canoli? Wachutink?

Lovely Barbie-pink.  

Pink again, but too light on me.

Now this one's a shocker for me.  I didn't realize how good it looks until I saw this picture.  Geesh, now I hope this shade's still in stock.

I kinda like this one. Perhaps I just need to tone it down by mixing it with hmmm, Canoli?

This is another fave! Another pink I know, but it's the sweet-looking kind of pink.  

Looks like Nantes, but lighter.  Hmm, I am thinking of getting this one soon...Should I. or should I not?

So there you are.  These babies are still available at Digitaltraincase at less than Php400 each.  I think the promo of 20% off when you buy from Multiply is still ongoing. So hurry!

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miemiemie said...

Cute ng penelope and imogen! Post na videos!!!!

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