Sunday, February 3, 2013

Something New: United Colors of Benetton's Body Mist Collection...

Benetton did it again!  Last year, the brand got us all giddy with the release of their new perfumes: Hot Gold, Cold Silver and two new scents for their Colori line.  I'm a long-time fan of Hot (the original) and Paradiso Inferno, and this year, their new collection just made me a lot more excited and craving for more.  And knowing Benetton, I am pretty sure this is just the beginning.

The New Body Mists Collection

With 12 scents to choose from, I'm gonna bet my entire makeup collection that you'd be able to find a scent or two that would match your personality.  Yes, I am that certain! (winks)  The collection has fruity, floral and even exotic scents.  I prefer fruity, that's why I am loving Warming Mango so much!  

Inspired by diversity, the core value of this new collection of 12 scents, was imagined around the most inspiring and energizing ingredients from all around the world.  

These babies are a good alternative to perfumes if you're the type who prefer light scents.  The scent stays too..probably for a good 3hrs on me.  But of course, it depends on your body chemistry too.   They are priced at Php499.95 (when you buy in SM Dept Store) or Php495 (if from FReSH Fragrance Bar) for a 250ml bottle. 

By the way, this new collection was launched at Early Bird Breakfast Club at The Fort.  They have an amazing menu, and yes, that means I'll be visiting them again soon!  

Half serving of a salad.  Yes, their servings are quite big!

This one, I ate all by myself.  It's Adobo Surprise, I think.  And I so love Adobo!  I just wish it came with a sunny side up egg instead.

dessert for our now health-conscious, Sophie!

with Donnarence, Emily, Sophie, Angela and Earth.

Thanks again to Emily and the rest of her team for inviting me, and giving me the chance to not only reconnect with my fellow blogger friends but also with the brand I've always loved.

Now, here's the entire UCB Body Mist Collection:

Appealing Lily
The fragrance recalls the Lily of the Valley and transports you in the fresh woods of France. 
[Top] Bergamot, Green Leaves, Redcurrant  [Heart] Lily of the Valley, Pitosporum, Apricot blossom  [Dry Down] Benzoin Siam, Cotton Musk, Exotic Sandalwood

Arousing Watermelon
The scent reminds the unexpected South African vibe and lets you feel the fresh watermelon bite. 
[Top] Aquatic notes, Watermelon, Starfruit  [Heart] Lotus Flower, Jasmine, White Peach  [Dry Down] Transparent woods, Musk, Amber

Charming Frangipani
The fragrance reminds the warmth of Nicaragua and makes you succumb to the charms of a Frangipani flower interpretation 
[Top] Almond, Mandarin, Sweet Orange  [Heart] Frangipani Flower, Orange Flower, Jasmine  [Dry Down] Sandalwood, Vanilla, Heliotrope

Cheering Rose
The scent helps you draw your inspiration from the delicate and precious rose, symbol of the Turkey Mountains. 
[Top] Juicy Apple, Bloody Orange, Kumquat  [Heart] Green Leaves, Pink Roses, Wild Roses  [Dry Down] Sandalwood, Sensual Vanilla, Powdery Musk

Energizing Pitanga
The scent reminds you an energizing Brazilian shot and makes you light the exciting fire of Pitanga. 
[Top] Cardamon, Blossom, Najanjilla, Grapefruit  [Heart] Freeshia, Jasmine, Pitanga  [Dry Down] Milky Musk, Nectar of Wood, Vanilla

Refreshing Apple
The scent reminds you of the Australian beaches and make you feel like you were surfing on a refreshing apple wave. 
[Top] Green Apple, Pineapple, Watermelon  [Heart] Green Tea, Lily of the Valley, Freesia  [Dry Down] Peach, Musks, Sandalwood

Relaxing Violet
The fragrance reminds the seductive violet trail and the charms and sweetness of Morocco 
[Top] Litchi, Nashi, Ivy Leaves  [Heart] Lily of the Valley, Orris, Violet  [Dry Down] Bloodwood, Musk, Ambergris

Magnetizing Jasmine
The fragrance sends you on the Nile riversides into the secrets of Ancient Egypt and gets you magnetized by Jasmine. 
[Top] Frozen Pear, Melon, Sweet Orange  [Heart] Wild Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Rose  [Dry Down] Musks, Transparent Woods, Peach

Sparkling Guarana
The fragrance sends you to Guyana and makes you sparkle, thank to an electrifying touch of Guarana. 
[Top] Apricot, Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin, Orange Flower  [Heart] Freesia, Orchid, Guarana Soft Drink  [Dry Down] Vanilla, Exotic Wood, Musk

Smoothing Orchid
The scent makes you discover the orchid breeze, the ancestral symbol of Thailand. 
[Top]  Bergamot, Green Leaves, Coconut  [Heart] Wild Orchid, Orange Flower, Jasmine

Warming Mango
The fragrance evokes all the Indian gentleness and dresses you with a juicy Mango pulp. 
[Top] Pineapple, Ripe Mango, Star Fruit  [Heart] Jasmine, Plum, Raspberry  [Dry Down] Peach, Musks, Sandalwood

Stimulating Aqua
The scent makes you feel the scented wind of Madagascar and spices up your life 
[Top] Orange Juice, White Pepper, Kaffir Lime  [Heart] Water Jasmine, Coconut Sorbet, Mineral Amber  [Dry Down] Benzoin Siam, Cotton Musk, Exotic Sandalwood

What are you eyeing on?  I'm gonna get Arousing Watermelon and Stimulating Aqua soon.  These body mists can be your best bet to stay cool, and smelling good despite the upcoming summer heat.

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