Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Go Beyond Beautiful with Creamsilk...

Nowadays, it's not enough to be just beautiful.   For example, it's a lot better to be referred to as a beauty with brains.  Same thing for having long, beautiful hair.  Why would you get satisfied with just having beautiful hair when you can go beyond beautiful?  Why not have gorgeous, smoother, shinier and healthier hair instead?

And with CreamSilk, it's possible.  
Get Hair Reborn with CreamSilk. #BeyondBeautiful

I'm pretty sure you've already seen CreamSilk's new commercial featuring Heart Evangelista, but let me just share it with you again:

Wow, so that's what being beyond beautiful can do.  

If you haven't tried CreamSilk, it's high time that you do.  
Let's all get beyond beautiful with CreamSilk.

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