Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MAC x Archie Collection is finally here!

I've always loved reading Archie.  I remember saving my allowance just to buy my own copy. Back then, these comics don't come cheap, most especially to a student.  But I didn't mind. I would happily skip my favorite burger + chocolate drink for days just to save enough moolah to buy an Archie digest. The rivalry between the best frenemies Betty and Veronica never fails to amuse me.  And so I thought love triangles only exist in comics. 

So when the news came out that MAC and Archie will be collaborating, I just knew my wallet is in trouble.  I don't get to buy makeup that much anymore, but for Archie, I would. 

I patiently waited for the collection to arrive.  Aside from fearing for my wallet, I'm also afraid not to be able to get anything as I'm pretty sure this collection will be a hit.  Little did I know that I didn't have to worry at all...

The universe might have heard my plea, and sent me these:

Yay, thank YOU!

No, I didn't get everything from the collection, but I am already happy with what I got. It's actually more than what I've planned to get. 

So let me show you the latest addition to my makeup collection:

Oh yes, I am definitely keeping these uber cute boxes!

Pearlmatte Face Powder in Veronica's blush:

This isn't actually a blush, but a highlighter.  The powder is pearly-white with a hint of pink and matte-finish deep pink hearts.  I'm not much a fan of highlighters, so I was trying to pick up the pigment from the hearts alone...but they're so small I gave up.  (laughs)  I tried using other blush brush, but the brush that picked up the best is my MAC 187.  I use this on top of my blush for that nice, healthy glow. Parang-diosa lang!

This baby is too cute I almost didn't want to use it. It actually broke my heart right after one sweep of my brush.
(emo much!)

Powder Blush in Cream Soda:

Cream Soda is a gorgeous, soft peach blush.  I honestly thought this would be the last thing I would love in my loot, but boy, I was wrong!  I've been using it everyday for the past week and I am absolutely loving it.

pretty, isn't it?

Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow Palette:

I know you've known me as somebody who loves bonggang colors. But lately, I prefer simple shades..like neutrals or pastels.  Ohh, I am getting old!

Top: Cheryl Chic (light frosted pink), Dreammaker (warm frosted yellow)
Bottom: Caramel Sundae (satiny medium brown), Showstopper (matte dark brown)

I must say I am so happy that my genie gifted me with this palette instead of the Spoiled Rich palette.  Lately, I don't have much time to whip a Happy Friday-like kind of eye makeup, so I prefer a decent lid color that's work friendly and can look bongga with a winged liner and double coat of mascara.  I love the Caramel Sundae shade the most! 

Lipstick in Betty Bright:

Betty Bright is a bright peach in satin finish. Remember me saying early this year that I'd be wearing colors on my lips as well?  Of course, MAC Peachstock would be a permanent favorite but I'd be trying my best to sport pouty, loud lips from time to time.  Betty Bright will surely keep me on that track.  Hmm, it's not too loud for you I know but for me, it already is! I'm slowly getting there...promise! (Cross my heart, and nobody has to die)

Lipglass in Strawberry Malt:

I'm not into reds but this one's an exception.  This one reminds me of my MAC lip gelee which I bought way back 2008. This one's more opaque though, and can be worn on its own or on top of a lipstick.  I've worn it on top of my Peachstock and my lips went vavavoom!

And last but not the least, Pearlglide liner in Petrol Blue:

This liner is navy blue with shimmers.  I haven't had the chance to wear it but from the looks of the swatch, I am thinking I'm gonna love it as well.

Betty Bright - Strawberry Malt - Petrol Blue

The MAC Archie's collection has already been launched in MOA, Trinoma and Makati.  If you weren't able to go, no need to worry...MAC Shangri-la will be launching this collection on Saturday, March 16.  No reservations though, it's a first-come, first-serve so be sure to come there early!


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Kim said...

Love the collection! They have so many amazing collections coming up as well. I have a feeling I'm going to buy my first mac product soon :D

AskMeWhats said...

I'm a Betty girl pero for this collection hay betty and veronica girl! Super cute nila! I haven't stepped foot on MAC stores pa, pero sure ko maraming sold out!!! aaccckk sana may away sila s buntis! :)))

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