Monday, March 25, 2013

Majolica Majorca Secret Blink...

Last month, I got an invite for a lovely dinner at Wildflour at The Fort, and a sneak peek of Majolica Majorca's newest chapter, Secret Blink.

Secret Blink is the first of the four chapters that will be released this year, and the collection consists of the following:

 Lash Jelly Drop - Lash Expander Edge Meister - The Little Humming Book I - Skin Remaker Case 2013 (Rose Gold) - Majoromantica M (not in the picture)

I was gifted with 3 of their new products (thanks, Majolica Majorca PH!) so let me tell more you more about my new toys...

Lash Jelly Drop - The Little Humming Book I - Lash Expander Edge Meister

Lash Expander Edge Meister, Php795

This mascara is just like the original one except for this version has 4mm long black fibers (the old one has 3mm).  Like the previous version of the Lash Expander, this is a waterproof fiber-based lengthening mascara.  It has Gloss Oil for jet black, shiny lashes and Speedy Dry Oil to keep those lashes stay curled.  

It still comes with a duo-comb wand to widen and separate each and every lash.  The longer comb lengthens the lashes while the smaller comb is for the corner and lower lashes.

Formulation is still sweat, oil, tear and waterproof so make sure you use a good makeup remover to take this off.  

Lash Jelly Drop, Php495

A beauty nourishing essence for the lashes formulated with Arginin for repair and rose extract and glycerin for moisture. 

It has a dew drop applicator wand for easy application on lash roots and even on the hairline.

Would this lengthen my lashes? No.  It's a treatment for the lashes that usually get tortured whenever we curl and apply mascara.  You can use it on its own when you don't want to put on mascara but you still want your lashes to look more pronounced.  You'll immediately notice that lashes are darker and more shiny after an application.  Probably this would keep lashes from falling off too if used for a longer period of time.

To commemorate Majolica Majorca's 10th Anniversary, the brand came up with this cute little makeup palette:

The Little Humming Book I, Php995

It's the first of four books and the rest will be presented on the remaining 3 chapters, so stay tuned!

Yes, those are real musical notes.

2 Eyeshadows: Flower Dust, Green Shower
Eye Cream Base: Moonless Night
Lip Gloss: Tulip Bed


I'm not sure about you, but it's not everyday that I get to see an eyeshadow base/primer that is dark.  (laughs) Same with the usual eye base,  this also adds depts and impact to your eyeshadows.  

Here's how the eyeshadows in this palette look like when applied over the eye base:

Lovely (or should I say, lovelier) colors they turned out to be!  I honestly didn't think I'd be able to wear the eyeshadow colors, until I tried using them on top of the eyebase.  

and here's a sample look, sorry for the lighting though:

And guess what, the eyeshadows stay put for hours!

I already have the gold edition of the Skin Remaker Case, but I'm itching the limited edition case in Rose Gold. It seems like rose gold is the "uso" color as of this time, no?  Or it just reminded me of my current lemming as of the moment...that Michael Kors watch.  (laughs) Whatever, I am so gonna get that case.

Secret Blink is already available at Majolica Majorca counters so try to check them out while they're still available (the  skin remaker case, majoromantica and the palette are limited edition).

Please like Majolica Majorca PH on Facebook to get updates on their latest product offerings and other promos.

Happy (Holy) Monday, everyone!  

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Hi Brigitte! This is Kristine! We met a couple of weeks ago at the GlamBox airbrush event! It was so nice to meet you! I just came here to leave a short message! :) Hope to see you again! xo -Kristine

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