Friday, March 1, 2013

MakeUp Academy's The Artiste Collection palette

Last month, I got a package with a sender's address...but no sender name.  I was surprised of course, and I'm pretty sure you'd say "don't open it, you don't even know who sent it.." but well, I did open it. (Laughs) I knooow, I wasn't supposed to as it might be a bomb or something but well, curiosity won.  I'm glad I did,  and I was even more surprised to see these babies inside:

Of course, I had to know who sent it.  I already had an idea who, and so after a few kulitan over text messages, she finally confirmed.  Thanks to my dear friend, Smile of Updated Trends for sending these over!

The brand name MakeUp Academy demanded attention. Honestly, I didn't even know that there's such brand.  I don't get to check out what's new these days. (Yes, I am so out-dated, booh!)  I immediately googled and oh-boy, I was surprised at how big this brand is back in the UK.  MUA is like the UK-counterpart of NYX. And like NYX, they have a wide range of products: makeup, nails, tools and even lashes. And mind you, the prices won't even make a dent on your wallet.  They are affordable!  Well, that is if my conversion of pounds to PHP is correct.

Today, I'll be showing you The Artiste Collection palette from MakeUp Academy:

This is a beautiful artiste collection palette on the go which helps create a full face all in one, with 6 brand NEW merged eye shadows, two powder blushers and a contour shade and highlighter.

Now, on to the swatches:

At first, I thought that the second color on the eyeshadows are just sprayed on.  Then I realized these are actually marbled eyeshadows.  Cool!  I've only seen eyeshadows like these in MAC. And for such cheaper price, these eyeshadows didn't disappoint.

Grape - Chocolate - Cookie

Grape - Deep purple with blue marbling. 
Chocolate - Metallic bronze with cream marbling
Cookie - Orangey brown with light pink marbling.  I first thought it's matte, but it's not.  It's still shimmery, but not as shimmery as the others in the palette.

Pistachio - Mocha - Ice

Pistachio - Light mint green with blue (or darker green?) marbling
Mocha - Cream shimmer with gray marbling.  This one's great to be used for highlighting the brow bone
Ice - Sky blue with baby blue marbling

Among the six, my favorite is Grape! Chocolate comes next. I love that most of the shades can be used on its own.  Pigmentation is great, take note that my swatches have no primer underneath. Applies like butter, and easy to blend too! I find Mocha to be a bit powdery so the best way to apply this shade is by patting it on.  

The blushes:

Pink Sparkle - Primrose

Pink Sparkle is a shimmery blush that looks more coral-ish than pink, but still gorgeous. 
Primrose is a matte medium pink, that still looks coral-ish to me.  (Or my eyes are failing me already!?)

I prefer Primrose because I'm not into shimmery blushes as they tend to make my pores look more visible.  What I sometimes do is I apply Primrose first, then Pink Sparkle on top.  

Bronzed - Shimmer Kiss

Bronzed is a matte olive brown shade that's great for contouring.  
Shimmer Kiss is a nice pearlescent pink shimmer for highlighting

I love that it comes in a sleek black packaging with a transparent lid making it easier to see the colors inside.  It's not as sturdy as I want it to be, but it does the job. I know it doesn't look classy or expensive with its packaging but I don't care! Looks can be deceiving as you already know, and  no, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover...or a palette with its packaging. Okay, whatever!

It also comes with a double-ended sponge applicator that I threw out right away.  I don't know, but hate sponge eyeshadow applicators.  But it's just me. 

By the way, I do hope this baby comes with a mirror.  

Now here's a look  I came up with using the palette:

Chocolate on the lid, Grape and Cookie on the crease.  
Primrose on the cheeks.

I didn't use a primer underneath the eyeshadows and it stayed put the whole day. That alone is something that's worth two thumbs up!

Overall, I am liking this palette.  I've been using it a lot actually. I love Chocolate, it's my go to eyeshadow when I don't have much time to play with colors. It's a great lid color that doesn't look boring even when worn on its own.  If I am to bring a palette that could give me a day to night look, this is it.  And for only Php530, what else can I ask for?

You can get this palette, and other MUA stuff from Updated Trends in Multiply.  They also have a lot of other brands available so please do check them out.  

By the way, it's March already!  Time really flies and in no time, it's my birthday once again...geesh, I need to come up with a wish list soon!


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Ria said...

My friend also bought this MUA and when she shared it I got the same reaction. 'What brand?'
But yes, I agree it did not disappoint her too. It's a really good deal.Downside was packaging, it's too fragile! :) make sure never to drop it.

Unknown said...

Gal8ng mo talaga mag eye makeup

AskMeWhats said...

ma tytype mo yung Makeup remover, very gentle siya :)

the e/s looks nice ha: :D

Anonymous said...

Lol I thought MUA stands for Make Up Artistry. Haha The marble palette reminds me of the Forever21 palette. :D I hope you can also make a review on the make up remover. :)

Alou Arellano said...

Hi Brigitte,

I follow your blog and was excited about this post kasi kakarating lang ng order ko from MUA UK site. I've heard their Undressed and Undress Me too eye shadow palettes are dupes of Naked and Naked2.

Just want to share that the package arrived safely naman but I had to pick it up from the post office. As long as your order does not exceed 50GBP, walang additional taxes.

Ganda nung eyebrow pencil nila and the blushes are very pigmented as well.

I'm happy na beauty bloggers here in Philippines finally know about MUA :)

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