Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Product Review: Face of Australia Gentle Makeup Remover

One of the many things I make sure I don't run out of is a makeup remover.  With all the gunk I put on my face, mostly waterproof, it would definitely be a nightmare if I go home and find out I don't have anything to take it off with. We all know that soap and water no longer do the trick, most especially if you're a sucker for waterproof mascaras, eyeliners and long-wearing foundations.  I've tried a number of makeup removers already, and have found my favorites, but the makeup junkie in me will never stop from looking for alternatives.  

For today, I'll be telling you about my current favorite makeup remover:

Face of Australia Gentle Make-Up Remover
A dual phase formula containing no Oil or Parabens.  This super gentle fluid is activated when liquid is shaken combining the two phases for the ultimate makeup removal. With a tear-compatible PH, this fragrance-free formula melts away all types of makeup including stay put and waterproof and will not sting sensitive eyes.  Contains soothing Cornflower Extract.

Whenever I see "dual-phase" on the product info, I would think it has oil in it.  But nah, this baby doesn't contain any oil. It's even paraben-free...yay! And best of all, it has Cornflower Extract known for its soothing properties and the ability to treat and lighten the skin.

One thing I hate about dual-phase makeup removers is that you really have to give it a good shake for the product to work.  Okay, I am one lazy-ass, so I think the first time I used this I didn't shake it that much (take note, that it's clearly specified on the bottle TO SHAKE VIGOROUSLY until the two phases are combined) so I ended up wiping my eyes with the cotton a number of times before I finally got rid of my makeup. My eyes kinda felt like harassed with all the wiping! I didn't like it at first...but I realized I just need to follow instructions to get good results.

So here's how to use it:

First put a few drops on a cotton pad

By the way, here's my eye makeup with longwearing eyeshadow (Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Stick), waterproof liner (K-palette) and mascara (Majolica Majorca):

(ehem, excuse the oiliness!)

Then hold and press it gently over a closed eye, let it soak for 10 seconds or more while (gently) massaging it to help loosen the makeup.  Then again, with gentle pressure, slide the cotton downwards.

After the first attempt:

As you can see, there's still some mascara and liner left, so just go back and gently wipe off the remaining makeup.

And tadahhh:

No, it's not oil I swear!

What I like:
It is indeed very gentle! No stinging, no blurring of vision and no skin tightness when I tried removing my foundation around my eye area.
It does look greasy after but it really is not!
Removes makeup easily. It's not a one cotton-swipe, but it's a lot faster than the other makeup remover I've tried.
The packaging.  It's simple and the clear bottle makes it easier to see how much product is left. It's lightweight too.
I tried using it to remove my false eyelashes and it was even able to dissolve the lash glue.
The price. It sells for Php425 for a 125ml bottle.  Still expensive than other brands I've tried, but the quicker removal of makeup plus the no-tear formula and the added benefit of cornflower extract make it all worth it.

What I don't like:
Not available locally.  
But don't worry, you can buy it online at Updated Trends in Multiply. 

I've been reading a lot of raves about the other products from this brand. Too bad I wasn't too interested with makeup yet when I stayed in Australia eons of years ago.  I wish more Face of Australia products would become available soon.

Have you tried any of their stuff?
 If you do, please let me know what else is good.

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Unknown said...

Aha kaya i steer cpear from waterproof masscara dahil tamad akong mag makeup rwmover.

Kaya i havnt bought into the majolica majorca craze kc ang hirap tanggalin


Hazel☺ said...

thanks for sharing this! sayang di available locally sa malls. ;P but will check on it sa multiply.

Unknown said...

Is this better than Etude House?

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