Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shoe haul...

I want to say I am not a shoe-holic, but when I saw my shoe rack and the number of shoe boxes of those I haven't used yet, I think I'm not gonna say anything na lang.  Less talk, less mistake. So yeah, no comment!

Okay fine. I am addicted to shoes.  But don't get me wrong, I am still not the Imeldific-type.  I don't think I have more than 30 pairs as of the moment..okay, not more than 50.  So yeah, I am not in anyway near to being like that.  And besides, the priciest I have would be my Melissa shoes.  Oh geez, I so love their shoes.  I remember I went wacko early this year that I bought 2 pairs in just one week.  I still have a number of their shoes in my wishlist, but for now, I think I would have to make tiis for a bit (I am trying to save up for another pricey purchase for my burday, that's why) and satisfy my cravings for shoes by buying cheap, but still cutey pairs.

So where do I go for such pairs? To St. Francis Square, of course!   I'm not sure if you know where St. Francis is (not the saint ha LOL) but if not, it's just right at the back of Megamall.  I go there for cheap, but cute finds.

And here's what I got last week:

I'm not into shoe blings, but I just love its color.  It fits just right too, and it doesn't hurt my feet.  The blings are quite an attention-getter too.  I've worn it once and a number of people asked me where I got them.  I just hope I wouldn't end up with a missing bling soon.

The price?  I think this one costs Php270.

This pair screams "Summer Time!"  I love the color, nakakaputi ng feet.  What I don't like is that it's feels kinda hard at the middle of the sole.  My feet usually gets tired after an hour or more of walking continuously. So yeah, this is definitely not your shopping shoes.

The price? Php230.

And here's another buy from Payless:

I was actually looking for a pair of nude heels, and I got a very nice pair from them last year.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find one but found these flats instead.  I am such a sucker for sky-rocket heels but well, I can actually feel that my knees and ankles are not that strong and sturdy anymore so I'm trying to wear more flats nowadays. I saw these pairs come in other colors like pink, black and even white but I don't have a size in Megamall. Good thing I dropped by Glorietta and found my size!  For your info, I'm a size 5.  Don't worry, I can still stand up straight despite my tiny-weeny sized feet. (laughs)

This pair is ultra-comfy, and with its can go with most of my outfit.  

The price?  Less than Php700.

So what do you think, did I get a great deal out of these purchases or what?  I believe I did, except for the mustard-colored sandals.  I'm not sure how long these pairs would last on me..burara pa man din ako gumamit.  Haha!  And I know I get what I pay for so I am not complaining.  For now, these would do until I have extra moolah to buy me those Melissa again.

How about you?  Would you consider buying cheaper, less quality but okay na din-goods just to satisfy spur-of-the-moment craving to shop?  Or when you have events you need to attend and you don't have the moolah to spend on pricier outfits?  

My answer to both is Yes.  
Okay, shoot me now. (laughs)

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Rhania E. said...

you got shoes at very affordable prices!!! i love that!

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