Friday, April 19, 2013

A night of Glitz and Glamour at the BYS event...

Do you love nail art but simply don't have the creative hands to do it? Or do you simply love glamorous nails but you don't have the time? Worry no more, BYS makes it a lot easier with their Glitter for Nails!

With 11 gorgeous shades available, you are surely to find something to wear whenever you want to bring some bling bling to your nails.

I know what you're thinking...they kinda look like the usual glitter polishes already available.  But no, the BYS Glitter for Nails aren't like your usual glitter polish where the glitters and the nail enamel are already mixed.  With the usual glitter polish, it's hard to get that consistent glittery finish.  And not to mention, it's too damn difficult to have them removed.

The kit includes a nail polish, a pot of fine cosmetic glitters and a cleaning brush.  

With BYS Glitter for Nails, it's easy to have glamorous nails that look like you just had it professionally done. And the next best thing? It's a lot easier to take them off!

What you need to do:

1. Paint your nails 
2. While the polish is still wet, dip your painted nail into the glitter pot making sure that the entire nail is covered with a layer of glitters.  (TIP: To make sure you got the entire nail covered, you can either dip your nail into the pot and push the glitters on one side OR you can use a folded paper that can be used to shovel glitters into your nails).
3. Wait for the polish to dry, but usually it's almost dry to the touch right after you had glitters on, then use the included brush to brush away excess glitters.  You can also work on a big piece of paper or tissue underneath so any glitter that will fall off while cleaning can still be put back into the pot.

It's that easy: it's just Paint, Dip and Brush! You're only a few minutes away from having glittery, glamorous nails that's red carpet worthy!

Here's an actual video when I was having my nails done:

(pardon the background chitchat...hahaha!)

And here's how my nails look like after:

Lovely, no!?

After a very satisfying dinner and a chance for me and my fellow bloggers to experience this new product from BYS, Shen, together with the big bosses of BYS Cosmetics gave us a short background of the company and of course, an overview of this new product.

Mr. Tony Chua of iFace Cosmetics, the official distributor of BYS Cosmetics here in the Philippines

Mr. Ed Aitken, Managing Director of BYS Australia, flew in for a short visit here in the country to grace the event

Rina Alcantara of Simply Rins, one of the best nail artists I know (you should try checking out her blog...she does amazing nail art!) was also there to give tips on how to use the product.  She also showed some sample nail art using BYS Glitter for Nails.

Rina Alcantara

Sophie of Sample Room was also there to bring good news to my roomies at Sample Room: Sample Room and BYS Cosmetics have partnered up for this year. Yay!

It was indeed a very sparkling and glamorous night.  
Thanks again to BYS Philippines!

and here's my (self-mandated) shot at the photo wall:


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