Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics' Fakeup Concealer Bloggers Launch...

A few weeks ago, I got an invite to attend the launch of Benefit's newest and most awaited product, the Fakeup Concealer.  I heard about this product months ago and have been waiting for it since then. Why the excitement, you ask?  Well, unlike other concealers, Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Concealer is a two-in-one product.  It has a hydrating shell of moisturizing balm with skin smoothing and plumping ingredients such as Vitamin E (prevents aging) and Apple Seed Extract (helps brighten skin) and it's also has a concealer in the center to hide pigmentation.  

In short, it's a skincare + makeup product in one.  
Yay, for multipurpose products!

Our friends from Benefit PH prepared a short, but very entertaining skit to introduce the product.  

It started with Detective RJ leading the case of the missing Fake Up concealer.  They have two suspects: 1) Frenchie, the kikay french maid who's obsessed with her dark circles and 2) Imma Dry, the rich lady who loves drinking wine and always complaining about the dryness under her eyes


Professor in Pink (Alyanna), told us more details about the product.  She says that Fakeup is a hydrating crease control concealer that keeps the skin under the eyes hydrated for up to 6 hours.  It instantly hides dark circles, smoothens the skin and diffuses light.  

In here, Professor Pink teaches us how to create the ultimate concoction for the undereyes using High Beam, Ohh La Lift, It's Potent eye cream and the Fakeup concealer.

It's Potent eye cream + Ohh La Lift + High Beam + Fakeup Concealer = Great undereye concealer for a lifted, hydrated look that will stay on for hours!

Aside from launching the Fakeup Concealer, they also presented to us the new and upcoming products for this year:

I love their Porefessional primer, but I bet I'm gonna love this new Porefessional in powder form more!

I'm not into highlighters but this upcoming Box O Powder in Rockateur is something I would definitely get my hands on once it becomes available in January 2014.
(oh please, come sooner!)

They will also have another new primer, a sunscreen, perfume and lipglosses.

Their eye shadows are also housed in new packaging:

and finally, I was able to check out their famous Fine One One:

So who stole the Fakeup concealer? 
It's Detective RJ!  He can no longer contain himself when he saw it in action.  Well, we can't blame him. Considering how good the product is, I might just steal it too! 
(Joke lang!)   

We all had a great time at the event. Good food, good company and great products, as usual!

Thanks again, Benefit PH!

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redshoetraveller said...

Hi there! Are Benefit products noncomedogenic? I really wanna try their Porefessional. But I easily break out on new products.

Unknown said...

great post! this looked like such a nice and fun event. Also the products look like they could be worth a try!

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