Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Caronia Nail Polish Expressions Collection...

Halu! Halu!

How are you my dearies, doing?  Summer is indeed already here and the sun's really making sure his presence is well felt! Whew.  Be extra cautious when you go out, don't forget to apply sunblock, wear light, comfortable clothing and of course, drink a lot of water.  

Caronia Nail Polish Expressions Collection

Chill - Rosy Glow - Fresh Mint

Inspired by cool, pastel colors, this collection from our very own local brand Caronia will surely make your tips summer-worthy, despite any mood and "personality" you are in.

Rosy Glow
A regular baby-pink shade with a hint of purple. For those who wants to be in a pa-sweet girly mood this season.  

Fresh Mint
A regular apple-green shade for those who wanna look and feel sporty. 

A frosted sky-blue shade for the fierce, sophisticated ones.

I can't seem to decide what shade to wear, so I wore all three:

Now, my tips look good enough to eat. 

This summer, don't let yourself be limited with colors you're used to.  It's time to be fun and exciting, so check out these lovely collection from Caronia and let them help you set your mood this season.

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Xlovehappyx said...

i'd go for the blue one! cute

Micmic's Corner said...

I wanna try Rosy Glow. Very dainty. :)

Micmic's Corner

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