Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Wink experience...

I met Holly, the gorgeous owner of Wink Laser and Wax Studio, over lunch back in February. She used to be hairy (daw) and have tried a lot of wax and laser studios for her quest of being hairless.  Her struggle to find quality yet affordable hair removal services in the country made her decide to open her own.    

Holly Chang

(photo taken from TheBeautyJunkee, thanks Martha!)

I wasn't able to check out the studio that day, but I've read a lot of good things about it. So when I've finally had the time, I checked out the place for myself.  

Wink Laser and Wax Studio is located at the 3rd floor of C2 Bldg in Bonifacio High Street Central.  

The place looks so clean, and well, sosyal.  But don't worry, they offer their services at affordable prices. 

Wink also sells Snoe Beauty products and swimswear from Soak

Now let's check out the rooms...

Each room has its own sink, bed,  waxing materials and cleaning agents

If you're a hygiene-freak, then this place is made for you.  They use disposable paper sheets to cover the waxing beds and their wooden spatulas are never reused.  The plastic spatulas that are used to get wax are never double-dipped.  Their tweezers and other waxing materials are also sterilized before each use.

and check out the ceiling:

cute, no!?

and you gotta love this chair:

I want to have one like this in my room!  Now, where to put it is my problem.

Of course, I gotta have a picture of me on it!

Before the procedure, I was asked with some questions about previous laser treatments, if I had any.  It's not my first time to undergo laser, been having my underarms lasered for quite a time, but it's my first time to have it done on my legs.  The attendant, who is so friendly and accommodating, also informed me some of the skin sensitivities that may (or may not) happen after my treatment.  Good thing I haven't had any for the times I've been having the treatment for my underarms.  She also give me after-care information, which is again, not new to me.  

(click on the image to enlarge so you can see after-care instructions)

This is the laser equipment that they are using at Wink.  It doesn't look too different with the machine I got used to seeing for my underarm treatment, but according to them, I am sure to acknowledge the difference during the treatment.

And now let's proceed with the treatment:

first, the attendant shaved my legs 

next, a cold clear gel is applied

then the laser

My experience at Wink with that of the center where I get my underarm laser done is really different. It is absolutely painless!  During the actual laser treatment, it just feels comfortably warm. Too comfortable that I actually fell asleep. The attendant had to wake me up so I could turn over and she can start the treatment at the back of my legs.  

After the treatment, an antibacterial moisturizer is then applied

and massaged.  

It does really feel good when somebody else is applying lotion/moisturizer on you. no?


It was indeed a very good experience at Wink.  I initially planned of getting a wax down there but I was in a hurry so I decided to have it done next time.  Their services are cheaper too, and you can avail of their 0% interest rates for 4 or 8-session/packages.

Nope, I didn't plan my outfit.

Surprisingly, I never had any ingrown hairs after my treatment.  No allergies either.  I shaved my legs after almost two weeks after I had my treatment done.  And if you are following me on Instagram, you'd see that I scarred myself again. Sniff.  I was in a hurry to finish my bath, that I shaved carelessly (again!) and so I sort of shaved my skin. It left me with two obvious marks on my legs which I so hate.  Same thing used to happen with my underarms, so I decided to undergo laser.   So yes, I'll just have my legs lasered too.  It'll cost me, but at least I won't have to worry about having to shave and getting scars anymore.  Vain na kung vain.

I'll be going back to Wink soon, and will post updates of my laser treatment.  The hairs on my underarms stopped growing (or at least they grew back thinner and sparingly na lang) after 4 sessions.  Let's see how many sessions it will take for my legs.

If you're in the area, please check out Wink. They might be located in an upscale part of the city but their prices are quite affordable. I'll be going back soon for my 2nd laser session and to finally try out their wax services.  I heard they also have a lot of male customers...even the straight ones!  Well, the place is really discreet and besides, to take care of yourself isn't a wag na mahiya!  Somebody has to take care of you...and who's the best person to do that? You!  

Thanks Holly and Liz for letting me try out Wink.  
See you both soon!

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Anonymous said...

great Wink review girl! ^_^ Like you, I'm a Wink believer too!



Unknown said...

That place looked amazing! I've never gotten laser treatments done, but that place sure did look sterile and modern. Good post! :)

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