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Product Review: Prostyle Fuwarie Curly and Bouncy...

I've been with a straight, nah..make that super straight, hair for almost all my life.  Almost, because I remember my Aunt curled my hair for my Aunt's practical exam when she was in a cosmetology school.  I think I was in Grade 5 back then.  No, I was not kikay at that time...I just had no choice but to let my Aunt use me as her model, in exchange of an ice cream treat.  (laughs)  Okay, now you know how you can bribe me. 

Whenever I wanted curls, I just blow (or air) dry my hair, apply mousse then curl it.  I wasn't too fond of using too much hair products because they just weigh my hair down. I also can't remember using heat-protectant stuff either( okay you can shoot me now).  Well, they make my hair look and feel sticky.  And they don't help in making my curls last longer.  But I wanted I had my hair permed. LoL.

For those who have the same sentiments about such hair products, here's something that could save you from having your hair curled or straightened (permanently) in a salon:

Prostyle Fuwarie

Prostyle Fuwarie has been available in Japan since 2009. It's a famous hair-protectant spray that you can use when you want to straighten or curl your hair.  

Now what makes it different?  According to the brand, It...

prevents hair burn/blisters 
protects hair cuticles from the heat of hair styling tools
prevents hair breakage
prevents hair discoloration caused by heat
sets the hair as styled and keeps it straight/curled longer
is enhanced with Amino Acid to repair damaged cuticles for beautiful and shiny hair

There are three available variants:

For Straight and Smooth Hairstyle
For Curly and Bouncy Hairstyle
 For Airy Bob Hairstyle variants

I got the For Curly and Airy Bob variants, thanks Beauty Box Corp!

Don't you just love it when such products have an English translation on its packaging?  There's a lot of foreign products now being sold locally, but it's such a turn-off when you can't understand a thing it says on its packaging.  Hats off to Beauty Box Corp. for making  sure that the products they bring here can be understood well by its buyers.

During the long weekend, I got so bored that I decided to curl my hair.  I know I already have curly hair, but it's not so curly think I need to have it retouched na? 

So I let my hair to air dry, sprayed Fuwarie on sections and curled it using a curling iron.  Then I sprayed a bit of the product again all over my hair to finish. 

And here's the result:

I actually got confused whether to curl inwards or I did both!  

What I love:
Easy to use.  The spray works perfectly.
Mild, fruity scent.  I love it when my hair smells so good. 
It made the color of my hair stood out.  It's as if I just had it colored!
Shiny, soft and bouncy curls
My curls stayed longer.  Take note that when I air dry my hair without curling it in sections using my hands and scrunching it, it'll come out just wavy.  So it's not just because I already have curly hair to start with. 
Other setting sprays would weigh my hair down.  This baby didn't.
My hair didn't turn out to be sticky, or "crunchy" like when you use hairsprays.  It's like having naturally curly hair.
Curling my hair is a lot easier. It's like it created a smooth surface on my hair making the curling iron glide easier.  
I've curled my hair and used this product for a number of times already and it didn't dry my hair.  Before, my hair would really become so dry and brittle.
It has a lock mechanism so no accidental spraying of the product. Another plus for careless people like me!
Cute packaging.

What I don't like:

I think I'll get the variant for Straight and Smooth hairstyle, for days when I want to go back to having straight hair.

My sister loved the effect on my hair that she also asked me to try it on her.  And here's the result:

I asked her if she has plans of going back to being curly (she also had her hair permed years ago), and she said no.  She said "You can always curl my hair anyway with this, di ba?" Uh-oh.  I'm in trouble!

Prostyle Fuwarie is available in Beauty Bar and priced at Php450.  Pretty much affordable for something that would protect, and actually make your hair look more beautiful.

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Hollie said...

I've been seeing that Fuwarie product all over blogsphere, makes me want to try it even more. Hopefully it's already available here in Beauty Bar Cebu. ^_^
Random Beauty by Hollie

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I love how your curls have grown - so boho chic! i likey! :) -- millsie
(Millsie Scribbles)

SM said...

Beautiful curls you have there! Been reading a lot of reviews about this and now I'm sure that this is a product worth buying :)))

Traveliztera said...

I love how it did give you natural-looking curls ! :D


AskMeWhats said...

ang haba na talaga ng hairlaloo mo!!! I love the curls though! and I agree, these products work and I'm so happy they're locally available na!

preciousgold said...

wow, amazing it grow faster.

preciousgold said...

I wanna try the spray for curly. I always wanted to have a curly hair, but my mother and boyfriend don't want to. So maybe I can use this artificial curly and I was wondering if its OK to my stubborn hair :)

Oro Gold

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