Thursday, April 18, 2013

Something New: Soleil Lash Serum...

Do you have long, thick lashes?  Most of us, if not all, would love to have luscious lashes.  Why? Well, aside from it makes our peepers a lot more beautiful (and alluring!) it serves as a protective barrier to prevent foreign objects from getting into our eyes.   Unfortunately, we tend to abuse our lashes.  Our constant curling, applying mascara, perming and using extensions can cause our lashes to fall off or to break. 

 I myself is guilty of this, I curl and apply mascara almost everyday.  And I've seen some of my lashes falling off.  It got me excited at first, because do you know that you get to make a wish with an eyelash? (laughs) It works like this:  Get an eyelash (the one that fell off) and put it between your thumb and index finger.  Make a wish then guess which finger has the eyelash on.  When you get it right, your wish will come true. LOL! Funny, but I actually believe that and have been doing that each time I have an eyelash that fell off.

Okay, let's get serious now.

Constant using of mascara can cause lashes to become brittle and eventually break or fall off. Same thing when you get it permed or when you use eyelash extensions.  Perhaps stress can also attribute.  While we take extra care on our eyes and the area around it, we should also make sure that same amount of TLC is given on our lashes.  For those who have been suffering from severe falling/breaking of lashes, or for those who simply want to have lusher lashes, here's a new product locally made available that you might want to check out, the Soleil Lash Serum.

Soleil Lash 

Soleil Lash is the world's most popular purified eyelash serum, giving you the sexy lashes you have always dreamed of.  Fortifying and conditioning the lash follicles, Soleil Lash enhances the natural beauty of your eyelashes.

Has the active ingredient Latanoprost, the only FDA approved ingredient in all eye lash and brow serums in USA.

It certainly looks like a mascara...actually, it reminds me of Blinc mascara!

It's like your usual felt-liner tip but this one's a lot softer and thinner

It's very easy to use, you just apply it the way you do your usual liner on your upper lash lines.  I apply it on my lower lash lines too!  No need to worry, I tend to apply a lot and some actually gets into my eyes but I didn't experience any stinging or blurring.  And I've been using it for 2 nights already, so far my eyesight still seems okay.

For reference, this is how my lashes currently look like. 

(okay, I think I still got a bit of mascara on this last set of photo..sorry!)

My lashes are just average in length, if you see them looking luscious, that's because of my mascara.  There are also some sparse areas because my lashes tend to fall off easily.  I remember pulling off some when I was curling them and accidentally pulled off the curler. I also used to curl them after I applied mascara, which is a big no-no.  

By the way, this costs P4500 a tube, made in USA and is made available in AVA (Thanks for giving me this sample to try!)  Price is steep, but it'll be worth a try if this baby really works.  I'll be posting updates on my usage and its effect so stay tuned!

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